Smart and Scalable PSTN Connectivity without ILEC Interconnections


LD Termination

With Peerless Network’s PSTN Control offering registered CLECs, Wireless and Interconnected VoIP Providers (IVPs approved for number ordering) can move into a market using Peerless Network as their backbone, and without the expense of costly ILEC interconnections.

By using Peerless Network as your local homing tandem service, you have all of the benefits of being an end-office provider without the complexities and costs of your own interconnection. Simply interconnect to Peerless and use our extensive interconnected network to access the PSTN.

PSTN Control Call Flow:

Peerless’ PSTN Control service is scalable, smart, seamless and strategic.

ILEC Network Replacement:
  • Minimize interconnection costs
  • Enable VoIP providers to serve as local service provider
  • Allow any carrier to operate remotely
Swift, Strategic Market Expansion:
  • Accelerate new market entry
  • Test new markets without commitment
Up-Grade to All IP:
  • Retire TDM network
  • Decommission unnecessary TDM connections