Accessibility Planning

Accessibility Feedback

Peerless Network is committed to providing better experiences for people with disabilities. We welcome your feedback about any accessibility barriers you have experienced with us, which will be used to help create an accessibility plan as outlined in the Accessible Canada Act.

To provide accessibility feedback, please contact us in any of the following ways:

  • Fill out our Accessibility Feedback Online Form.
  • Email us at
  • Call us at 312-506-0933 (long distance charges may apply), or toll-free at 800-440-9440.

While you can submit your feedback anonymously, we can better serve you and provide a response, if requested, if you provide your name, phone number, province, and other details (“Personal Information”). We will not share your Personal Information with any third party and your Personal Information will be kept confidential, unless you consent to disclosure. However, by contacting us, you agree to the collection, use, and storage of your Personal Information provided to us to allow us to respond to you and improve our services.

If you include your contact information, we will confirm that we have received your feedback. If you provide your feedback using our Accessibility Feedback Online Form, you will be receive a confirmation message upon submitting the form successfully, even if you do not provide any Personal Information.

The designated person responsible for receiving accessibility feedback is Patrick Phipps – Regulatory Affairs.


Accessibility Feedback
Online Form

All fields are optional with one exception: Feedback/Comments is mandatory.

    Alternative Formats


    If you need a description of our feedback process in a different format, please contact us. You may do so using any of the methods for providing accessibility feedback outlined above.

    We can provide the description in print, large print, braille, audio or electronic formats that are compatible with screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other adaptive technologies, in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium’s latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

    As our accessibility plans and progress reports become available, you will be able to request them in alternate formats in the same ways as our feedback description.


    Feedback Retention and Usage

    We are required to retain your feedback for seven years. All feedback received will be converted into a suitable digital format and will be stored in a secure environment.

    Your feedback will help us continuously improve our accessibility efforts. Some feedback may not require a direct response or immediate follow-up, while some may highlight issues that require immediate attention. However, all feedback received will help Peerless develop products and services everyone can use, and make our workplaces more inclusive for employees and job applicants with disabilities.


    Your feedback may also help us track how we are progressing towards achieving our accessibility goals. We are required to report on our accessibility progress in the years between publishing our accessibility plans. We will consider your feedback as we write our progress reports.


    Accessibility Feedback Online Form

    The Accessibility Feedback Online Form is available on this webpage or at the following link:

     Accessibility Planning – Peerless Network