An Outstanding BYOC Solution:

Peerless & Talkdesk Cloud:

Greatly improve the customer experience by moving your communications to the cloud. 

Peerless and Talkdesk have joined forces to offer our customers a proven Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solution. What makes our solution stand out? Peerless’ fully IP network that we’ve built from the ground up. 

If your business is researching how you can maximize the power of cloud communications, look no further than the power of Talkdesk and Peerless. Since Peerless’ founding in 2008, we’ve made taking care of our customers our most important priority. We’ll deliver on our promise.

When you choose to connect your existing solution to our Tier 1 PSTN network, we will help you streamline and manage the implementation of Talkdesk’s cloud platform. The result? Outstanding calling experiences.

We are ready to help you take control with Peerless’ SIP Trunking for Talkdesk Cloud! 


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    Benefits of SIP Trunking from Peerless

    Peerless has been successfully deploying SIP Trunking solutions in the marketplace since 2008. But we also understand that you have a choice in providers for SIP Trunking. Peerless’ unique value proposition offers each SIP Trunking customer the following advantages:

    The Peerless Portal – Manage your SIP Trunks in Real-time. Our industry-setting portal allows you to easily purchase and manage SIP trunking channels, telephone numbers, local and domestic/international long distance, toll-free services, and call termination for multiple locations from one advanced system in real-time. All products and services can be set up directly at your on-site business and via a mobile device. Add SIP channels when your business demands it, and decrease channels when things are slower.

    Peerless’ fully IP-based redundant network. Your voice traffic runs on our fully owned and operated network that we have built from the ground up. Thousands of customers trust their voice services to Peerless. Each customer enjoys a local network consisting of SONET and Ethernet hubs providing 99.999% reliability.

    Unmatched Value. Because SIP Trunking utilizes your Internet connection, your operating costs are immediately reduced. Peerless offers highly competitive pricing for Metered Trunks, Unlimited Trunks, and Analog Lines, and inbound domestic minutes are free. For customers that choose a Metered solution, our long distance rates are excellent. The bottom line: you will see a much lower monthly bill for your telecommunications services.

    Learn more about SIP Trunking from Peerless Network. 

    Peerless is here to help you take full advantage of our SIP Trunking expertise as well as the benefits of Talkdesk Cloud. Ready to learn more? Just click on the link below!
    Infobip logo

    Peerless is now part of the Infobip family! Customers that choose SIP Trunking from Peerless with Talkdesk Cloud can now easily enjoy solutions from Infobip, including messaging services and “Answers,” an intelligent chatbot service.

    Why Peerless Network?

    Stay Flexible

    Forget waiting on hold to place an order that will take days or weeks to be installed. Log into the Peerless Portal to order what you need and get up and running in minutes.

    Get Exactly What You Need

    Our extensive inventory has everything from CNAM Delivery and Storage to E911. Just choose your SIP Channel and get going.

    Total Visibility

    No need to go to your carrier with call record requests. Log into the Peerless Portal and view call detail and DID usage in real-time and even export CDRs (Call Detail Records) with the click of a button.

    Stay in Control

    The Peerless Portal offers the autonomy of managing your communications needs, with the speed and flexibility that you have been looking for on the best telecom network.