Rural Call Completion

Problems with Rural Calls

If you are experiencing call completion problems and have reason to believe Peerless Network is involved in handling the call,
please report the issue to us immediately.

To report problems with rural calls, please send an email to: Please put “Call Completion Problem Report” in the subject line. While email communications is preferred, you can also call Peerless Network to report a problem
at (888) 380-2721.

From Federal Communications Commission – Problems with Rural Calls:

Rural Call Completion: Problems with Long Distance or Wireless Calling to Rural Areas

Consumers across the country continue to report problems placing and receiving long distance or wireless calls to and from rural areas on their landline telephones.  If you live anywhere in the country and are having problems calling people or businesses in rural areas, you may also be experiencing the same problems.

I live in a rural area and I’m having trouble receiving calls.
If your landline telephone is working (for example, you can make calls and are receiving local calls) but you learn that long-distance or wireless callers have been unable to reach you at your home or business — even when you are there or have an answering machine on — you may be experiencing “failure to complete” problems.

Typical symptoms of “failure to complete” problems include the following:

  • Long distance or wireless callers tell you they repeatedly hear nothing or “dead air” for 10 seconds or more after they dial your number. If they stay on the line, the call may seem to be dropped or they may eventually hear a busy signal.
  • Long distance or wireless callers tell you they repeatedly hear prolonged ringing on their end after they dial your number (e.g., the callers wait 10-20 rings before they finally hang up).
  • Long distance or wireless callers tell you they repeatedly hear a recording such as “The number you have dialed is not in service” or “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” when they know they’ve correctly dialed your number.

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