Peerless Network: What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a method that uses an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. With SIP Trunking, you can make and receive calls over the internet to anyone in the world who has a phone number. SIP Trunking replaces the traditional method of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface) and instead uses a specific packet switched network to send voice traffic to a destination.

The ‘SIP’ in SIP Trunking stands for Session Initiation Protocol and it is the standard communications protocol for voice and video in a Unified Communications (UC) solution across a data network. SIP can be used to send and receive local and long-distance phone calls, text messages, and emails; browse the internet; and conduct video chats.

A “trunk” is a line or link that carries signals and connects nodes in a communications system to transport data across locations.

Put it all together and you get SIP Trunking – the method of sending voice and other communications over the internet through an IP-enabled private branch exchange (PBX). A PBX is a telephone system at a business that switches voice calls between users on local lines while allowing them to share the use of external phone lines.


I’d like to learn more about SIP Trunking from Peerless Network!

    Just Announced! Peerless’ SIP Trunking is now available with a BYOC option. Learn more about how Peerless is working with Genesys and Talkdesk to bring this new capability to our customers.

    Benefits of SIP Trunking

    • Centralized Network: Enables one centralized network for voice and data services, which means no physical infrastructure, maintenance, or hardware costs or headaches.
    • Greater Flexibility: Connecting directly to the internet telephony service provider of your choice removes subscription fees and allows for flexibility in scaling your bandwidth needs.
    • Local call charges: Makes every call a local call over the internet, avoiding the costs of long-distance calls.
    • Scalability: Flexible and easily scalable. New channels can be added and activated quickly. The amount of concurrent calls your business tends to make will most likely determine the number of channels you need.
    • Cost Savings: The most significant benefit of using SIP Trunking as your business phone system is the significant cost savings. Even better? You eliminate the need of long-distance calling.

    SIP Trunking with Peerless Network

    Peerless Network eliminates the days and hassle of trying to transition your traditional phone systems into the cloud. We have advanced account management tools (the Peerless Portal) that allow you to scale your business and make the switch to SIP Trunking today. With the Peerless Portal, you receive a fully automated online self-provisioning portal to easily purchase and manage SIP trunking channels, telephone numbers, local and domestic/international long distance, toll-free services, and call termination for multiple locations from one advanced system.

    Peerless’ SIP Trunking product was recognized with a Visionary Spotlight Award for three years in a row: 2023, 2022, and 2021. Each year, ChannelVision Magazine recognizes excellence in communications and technology, and we’re proud to have won for the last two years! Read more in our press release.

    All products and services can be set up directly at your onsite business and via mobile devices. The Peerless Portal provides high-voice quality services by utilizing Peerless Network’s owned and operated redundant and reliable backbone network.

    Infobip logo

    Peerless is now part of the Infobip family! Customers that choose SIP Trunking from Peerless can now easily enjoy solutions from Infobip, including messaging services and “Answers,” an intelligent chatbot service.

    SIP Trunking on Peerless Portal

    Why Peerless Network?

    Stay Flexible

    Forget waiting on hold to place an order that will take days or weeks to be installed. Log into the Peerless Portal to order what you need and get up and running in minutes.

    Get Exactly What You Need

    Our extensive inventory has everything from CNAM Delivery and Storage to E911. Just choose your SIP Channel and get going.

    Total Visibility

    No need to go to your carrier with call record requests. Log into the Peerless Portal and view call detail and DID usage in real-time and even export CDRs (Call Detail Records) with the click of a button.

    Stay in Control

    The Peerless Portal offers the autonomy of managing your communications needs, with the speed and flexibility that you have been looking for on the best telecom network.

    Included with your Peerless Portal account:


    Fully automated SIP Trunking and Telephone Number ordering.

    Real-time activation of Telephone Numbers and SIP Channels.
    Highly competitive pricing.
    No additional charge for inbound calls; only pay for the calls you make.
    Real-time visibility of usage and call detail.
    Lower your monthly telecommunications bills.
    Vast inventory of geographic numbers.

    Complete control. Avoid bottlenecks by adding SIP channels when your business demands it, then decrease channels when things are slower all in real time.