CALEA Requests

Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement ACT: CALEA Requests

Law enforcement agencies with CALEA requests or serving lawful surveillance orders on Peerless Network, Inc. or raising CALEA-related questions should direct their inquiries to Peerless’s trusted third party service bureau, Subsentio, Inc. using the links below.


Email Court Orders With CALEA Request Forms To:

Fax Court Orders With Calea Request Forms To:

Email Subsentio’s Law Enforcement Liaison Staff At:

Call Subsentio’s Law Enforcement Liaison staff At:

About Subsentio: Subsentio is a trusted third party service bureau that helps telecommunications carriers and Internet providers like Peerless meet their law enforcement assistance obligations. Subsentio provides technical solutions needed to comply with lawful electronic surveillance requirements. On their behalf, Subsentio reviews and validate court surveillance orders, implement the lawful surveillance, and provide similar support in response to other legal demands such as subpoenas and court orders for records held by the service provider.

About CALEA Compliance: Some communication service providers (CSPs) wonder if they are subject to the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). Others assume that their network hardware comes “CALEA compliant” from the factory and that no further action is required. Far too many believe that CALEA does not apply to them, at all.

In fact, CALEA applies to the vast majority of service providers. CSPs including ISPs need to be CALEA compliant. The service provider is required to install technical solutions for lawful electronic surveillance, and to operate those solutions in a privacy-protective manner. Hardware-resident CALEA software alone can’t do the job. The CSP also needs a mediation device or probe to establish the lawful intercept and deliver evidence in the proper standard formats for the relevant law enforcement agency.

These requests will be addressed as efficiently as possible. For questions, please email:

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