Carrier and Wholesale Customers

NOC Ticket Process & Response Time Commitments

The following is the Peerless Network Trouble and Support process for all voice and interconnection services. We will continue to use our email-based trouble ticketing system. Your participation in this system enables us to actively ensure that issues reported by our valued customers are resolved as quickly as possible.

Options for Opening a Trouble Ticket (in order of preference)

  1. Go to Peerless Portal at
  2. An email to opens a ticket automatically.
  3. Call our NOC available 24/7/365 at 888-380-2721 opt 2 opt 2.

To correctly handle your ticket request, we ask that you include:

  • Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Contact Phone number
  • Your Company’s Internal Trouble Ticket Number
  • Nature of the Problem including:
  Date and Time of the Incident (specify time zone)
  Please provide call examples within the last 24 hours and Include the following information for all call instances:
  • Calling Number
  • Called Number
  • Date and Time + Time zone
  • Please advise if the problem can be duplicated by your NOC team


Definitions of ticket severities

Severity 1 … Service down hard. Outage.

Severity 2 … Service degradation.  Majority of calls are successful but seeing some examples of troubles such as the following:

  • SIP Error response
  • Long Post Dial Delay/ Dead Air
  • One-Way Audio
  • Inbound calls not reaching you
  • Low Voice Quality/Static/Echo
  • No DTMF
  • Fax or Modem Failure
  • Recording
  • No Caller ID
  • Single Call Looping


Response time Commitments

Severity Level Description Standard Response Times
1 Service down hard. Outage. 1 Hour
2 Service impacting issue (includes call failures, or circuit errors) 4 Hours
3 ASR investigation requests, analytics-based declines (RCC 21, SIP 603, SIP 608), maintenance requests, all else… 24 Hours


Severity 1 Outage Escalation Guidelines

In the event of a Severity 1 Outage (or serious Impairment) we want you to utilize our 6 Level Escalation Matrix. The most effective way to reach us is by calling the on-call telephone number provided.

  • Leave a voicemail at each Escalation Level
  • Allow 60 minutes for response between Escalation Levels


Escalation Matrix for Outages (or serious Impairments)

Escalation Level Role On call phone Email (business hours only)
1 Support (312) 940‑5699
2 Supervisor (312) 940‑4108
3 Manager (312) 940‑2845
4 Director (312) 940‑1988
5 VP (312) 940‑1542
6 EVP (312) 900‑9039


Delayed Response Guidelines

In the event of a delayed response on a Severity 2/3, we ask for your patience. We are working on customer trouble tickets in the order received and based on priority/severity. We will provide an update as soon as possible or practical. In the event a more immediate response is required, you may call 888-380-2721 opt 2 opt 2.