“Do Not Call” Requests

The FTC’s National “Do Not Call” Requests and Registry

Peerless Network takes complaints about potential misuse of the National “Do Not Call: Requests seriously. Please know that Peerless Network is not a telemarketing company and does not use telemarketing tactics for the promotion of any of our services. Peerless is a telecommunications service provider and offers a full suite of services to global and national carrier companies.

  • If you are receiving harassing phone calls from telemarketers, please add your name to the National “Do Not Call” Registry at www.DoNotCall.gov.
  • Please note that it may take up to 31 days for your name to be added to the National Registry.
  • Once added to the Registry, companies have up to 31 days to update their records and remove your number from their marketing lists.
  • If you continue to receive harassing calls, please follow the steps below and Peerless will alert the owner of record of your complaint.

From FCC.gov:

1. What is the National “Do Not Call” Registry?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers from consumers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive. The registry is managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency. It is enforced by the FTC, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and state officials.

2. Why was the National “Do Not Call” Registry created?

The registry was created in 2003 to offer consumers a choice regarding telemarketing calls. The FTC’s decision to create the National Do Not Call Registry was the culmination of a comprehensive, three-year review of the Telemarketing Sales Rule, as well as the FTC’s extensive experience enforcing the Rule in the previous seven years. The FTC also held numerous workshops, meetings and briefings to solicit feedback from interested parties, and considered more than 64,000 public comments, most of which favored creating the registry.

3. What calls are covered?

The do not call provisions of the TSR cover any plan, program or campaign to sell goods or services through interstate phone calls. This includes calls by telemarketers who solicit consumers, often on behalf of third party sellers. It also includes sellers who provide, offer to provide, or arrange to provide goods or services to consumers in return for some type of payment as part of a telemarketing transaction. The National Do Not Call Registry covers intrastate telemarketing calls under the FCC’s rules. You can find information on the FCC’s regulations at fcc.gov.

Submit a “Do Not Call” Complaint:

You can submit a “Do not call” complaint to the FTC HERE or input the information below.