Peerless’ Cloud PBX product is a winner in the 2022 Visionary Spotlight Awards Program. Thousands of customers have enjoyed the benefits of Cloud PBX from Peerless:

  • Quick and Inexpensive Set-Up: Activate our Cloud PBX in minutes with no complicated or expensive equipment.
  • Easy Integration: It’s easier to integrate analog phones with a PBX if it’s local instead of hosted remotely. Businesses can simply connect all communications channels into a single system.
  • Scalable: No need to rely on physical hardware. With Cloud PBX, you can remove your traditional on-premise phone systems and add and remove users as needed.
  • Flexible: Regardless of your business size, Cloud PBX allows you to customize your phone systems to your needs.
  • Reliable: Cloud PBX keeps you connected. With little downtime and the opportunity to route calls elsewhere, it quickly becomes the solution for ensuring remote employees and customers can reach you regardless of potential crashes from natural disasters.
  • Call Center Features: Cloud contact center solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an active internet connection. This is an ideal solution with multiple geographic locations and employees working remotely. Making the switch can significantly lower overheads and increase scalability, since no physical infrastructure is needed.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The hosted PBX works with your existing internet connection, and even desk phones are optional. A business can choose from IP phones, softphones, and mobile devices. A mobile app installed on a user’s mobile phone enables them to connect to the cloud phone system.
  • Unified communications: Our cloud-based business communication service combines the cost-savings of Hosted Voice with the productivity of Unified Communications (UC or UCaaS).
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance: A secure business phone system protects your healthcare business from penalties and criminal prosecution.
  • No need for physical hardware: The Peerless Cloud PBX is a phone system through remote internet servers instead of requiring expensive hardware to be installed in your office, unlike traditional phone systems. Without physical hardware, it’s easier to scale by adding new extensions and business lines quickly, which is especially helpful for remote workers.

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“At Peerless, we are always striving to provide our customers with the best technology, solutions, and engineering excellence available today. Our goal is to exceed the needs of each customer and to truly set the standard in our industry,” said John Barnicle, President and CEO for Peerless Network. “None of this would be possible without our amazing team at Peerless. I would like to thank and congratulate our team members for working tirelessly to make this important recognition possible.”

Cloud PBX was one of five awards presented this year to Peerless, the highest total number of awards presented to a single company in this year’s program. Learn more in our press release.

Peerless Network Wins Five Visionary Spotlight Awards, More than Any Other Telecom Provider