Optimizing, Maximizing & Simplifying—Each & Every Carrier Connection

Our Mission:

Each and every day, each and every employee at Peerless Network operates with one single goal in mind … to help customers become more competitive in telecom markets. Since our founding in 2008, we’ve operated on this basis and the idea that …

We are a disruptor in the telecom space, an aggressive innovator dedicated to helping customers achieve better bottom line results while significantly increasing overall quality by offering:

  • A high-quality alternative to traditional tandem and end-office services
  • New carrier services that speed time-to-revenue, and
  • A reliable network that scales efficiencies and lowers costs

… at market-driven rates.

Our Model:

There was a time in the telecom industry, not too long ago, when competition didn’t really exist. In fact, it didn’t exist at all. Which is why Peerless got into the game. We understood and decided that the market was ready for change—innovation really. And so we re-thought and then re-shaped how telecom markets could and should work. We designed smart, efficient, strategic networks, products and solutions that actually optimize how traffic can be handled, maximize a carrier’s revenue potential and simplify how the whole industry can interconnect.

Our Solutions:

Our commitment to our customers is apparent in our full line-up of services. From MVNOs to IXCs to the nation’s largest CLECs, we offer a complete portfolio of products and services to address all carrier’s requirements. We’ve a unique solution for each carrier type and details on our individual offerings within our product line-up.

Our Customers:

This “one-for-all” approach has served both our customers and our industry well, by encouraging and facilitating new market entry and lowering rates within the market.

Become a part of the Peerless “network effect” and enjoy exponential benefits too.
We’d love to tell you how.