Telecom Reseller Podcast – Tackling Robocalling, featuring with Doug Green, Jim Brewer, and Tony Hiller

Tackling robocalling is a tremendous priority for Peerless Network. Learn more in our second podcast on the issue.

“First and foremost, know your customer,” says Jim Brewer, Executive Vice President, Products and Technology of Peerless. In this podcast, Brewer, and Tony Hiller, Executive Vice President, Operations and Engineering discuss their approach to fighting robocalls. We learn that Peerless combines a mixture of technology and very proactive, personalized approaches to the fight. We learn that the company strives to make sure first bad actors don’t try to slip over the fence, to become or posture, as a customer. Next Peerless uses its understanding of their customers, combined with various tactics, to find bad actors to efficiently limit cases and impacts. Brewer notes that STIR/SHAKEN is a valuable tool, which Peerless combines with several other tactics, including internal and third-party analytics. Hiller provides front line descriptions of how Peerless has helped customers that have been impacted. “It’s a huge issue and its extremely complex to solve,” adds Hiller. Hiller notes that Peerless has implemented a multi-stage mitigation strategy within the Peerless network, a major undertaking that does not have to be duplicated. “We’ve done that, and our customers, as a result, don’t have to.”

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