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Call Centers today have one task—provide end-users with reliable and convenient support in the most cost-efficient manner possible, without compromise to quality of service. And while this goal seems simple on the surface, once consumer expectations (such as a preference for local support) and network requirements (including multi-signaling protocols) are layered in, the solution isn’t as simple as it appears.

Fortunately, Peerless Network’s capabilities complement the requirements of today’s best performing Call Centers by providing significant reach, reliability, control and customization—always at competitive rates.

Peerless offers a full suite of services to optimize Call Center performance, including a local footprint of SMS-enabled DIDs, an API/Portal for real-time number management and Local, Long Distance and Toll-Free service over one of the most interconnected networks available in the US.

Peerless benefits include:

Network Design: Reach, Reliability and Redundancy:

The Peerless network boasts a web of interconnection with US carriers both large and small. Our all-IP network connects with over 3,700 LEC, IXC, VoIP and Cable carrier switches to provide coast-to-coast coverage and reliable, redundant service that keeps nearly 97% of traffic safely on-net.

The same architecture that delivers expansive coverage also ensures that calls are completed safely and securely, even during the heaviest of peak times. Quick re-routes through redundant pathways avoid call congestion and any disruptions to Call Center traffic.

DID Footprint: Local Presence and SMS-Enabled:

The Peerless Network stretches into a footprint of over 192+ LATAs, making for quite an impressive local presence. We extend this local presence to our customers via local telephone numbers which boosts familiarity and loyalty with regional customers.

Peerless also offers SMS-enabled DIDs which allow enhanced service from Call Centers, including text support and automated reminder and follow-up messaging.

Products and Portals: Full Range and Self-Service:

Of course, Peerless offers a full suite of services for Call Centers including Voice, Data, Text, Mobile and Telephone Numbers.

Alongside this traditional line-up, Peerless also offers Call Centers a means of managing their service on their own. A convenient Portal and API, our ANImate service allows customers to capture blocks of DIDs and assign, port and activate in near real-time.

Price: Simple and Strategic:

In addition to offering smart and scalable solutions, Peerless Network also provides aggressive, competitive rates. An innovative network design and simple, strategic business model allows Peerless to extends the benefits of a wholesale offering directly to an enterprise solution.

The Peerless Network Call Center Solution includes: