What Is SD-WAN? What is SASE? 

The inclusion of soft-defined networking (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN) results in a new, more progressing type of network: SD-WAN (SASE) (software defined wide area network). In the past, traditional WANs relied on expensive, hard-to-manage hardware components to connect remote branches or end points, while SD-WAN (SASE) combines several technologies to create full-fledged private networks, with the ability to dynamically share network bandwidth across the connection points. Additional enhancements include central controllers, zero-touch provisioning, integrated analytics, and on-demand circuit provisioning, policy management, and built-in security. 

A key application for SD-WAN is to allow companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Internet access, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS

Secure Access Service Edge SD-WAN (SASE) is a type of SD-WAN that further simplifies the WAN and incorporates security into the network. SD-WAN (SASE) delivers a cloud service directly to the source of the connection (user, device, branch office, or edge computing location) rather than to an enterprise data center. By targeting services at the edge to the connection source, SD-WAN (SASE) eliminates the latency caused by backhauling.

How Does SD-WAN Work?

Using a centralized control function, SD-WAN combines user defined applications and routing policies to deliver dynamic and application-aware network traffic management. The ability to control delivery paths across the network provides flexible deployment options and better total cost of ownership.

SD-WAN (SASE) expands traditional SD-WAN and uses intelligence and your designed applications to provide application-aware routing across a network. The cloud-based approach delivers superior application performance for users along with appropriate QoS and security policy enforcement. Each location runs a device that routes traffic to the SASE cloud where networking and security processing is applied before it reaches its final destination.


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    Why Your Business Needs an SD-WAN (SASE) Solution

    Secure access service edge (SASE) isn’t just a new buzzword, and it’s not merely another evolution of SD-WAN. At a time when businesses need a secure connectivity boost in more locations than ever before, this cloud-based approach to networking and security is the perfect solution for teleworkers and the applications they need to access while also addressing new IT needs at the edge of the network.

    When implemented correctly, SASE provides improved security and network performance for less money compared with stand-alone SD-WAN, routing, and security solutions for customers. Further, this consolidated approach to networking and security also helps enterprises meet complex and distributed IT requirements.

    An integrated approach to networking and security, SASE simplifies secure connectivity and offers several advantages.

    Centralized Control for Security Connectivity: With remote workers now commonplace, security for these employees is a critical piece of any company’s networking solution. SASE centralizes control and management of security functions and allows each location, from headquarters to an individual employee’s home, to enjoy secure connectivity.

    A Single Device: SASE’s integrated approach combines connectivity and security into a single device, simplifying integration and complexity, which also lowers OPEX.

    Better Cloud Native Processing: SASE uses cloud processing that automatically scales to provide faster and more efficient connections between sites and cloud-based applications.

    Lower Costs: Eliminating hub-and-spoke infrastructure and utilizing a single device, SASE lowers CAPEX as well as operating costs. Because there are fewer devices across the network, energy bills are also reduced.

    Each employee as well as company IT teams benefit from choosing SASE as your SD-WAN Solution. The simple architecture is much easier to manage and allows for companies to build a consistent and powerful end-user experience across the company. Cloud-based security of cloud-controlled connectivity provides a simplified system for your network.

    SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network: Built for Enterprise Customers

    If you are considering secure cloud-based networking to connect your sites, look no further than Peerless Network. Our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) takes distributed, software-defined routing, or traditional SD-WAN, to an entirely new level. Our fully managed CPE-based solution delivers simplicity, security, performance, and exceptional cost savings.

    With SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless, you can easily connect your sites to each other, to Peerless’ fully IP-based voice network, key cloud services, and the public Internet. Peerless’ easy-to-install feature-rich solution includes private networking, multiple WAN connections at each site, survivability, customer-defined apps, and traffic prioritization.


    SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network Benefits:

    • Flexible and Agile: Flexible, hybrid SD-WAN designs allow you to customize your network site-by-site.
    • Transport Agnostic: Choose connectivity over any transport type (Internet, Ethernet, broadband, or MPLS) that integrates with your existing WAN.
    • Network Security: Encrypting and tunneling traffic to your data ensures the highest level of security for your network.
    • Dynamic Routing and Application Performance: Using application-aware technology, traffic is dynamically routed ensuring optimal delivery of business applications.
    • Centralized Management: Real-time visibility into your network along with the ability to control and optimize your applications’ performance is just one reason businesses are choosing Peerless.
    • Zero-touch Provisioning: Each edge device is provisioned and configured automatically. No complicated deployment or installation of equipment.
    • Control Costs: The efficiency of fewer devices allows you to better control both operating and capital expenditures while integrating scalable connectivity options such as broadband and Internet into your network.

    SD-WAN (SASE) Peerless Network Features:

    • Use your broadband, connectivity, and/or Peerless-provided Ethernet transport connectivity – your choice.

    • Choose speeds per SASE node: 10, 20, 100, 200, 500, or 1000 Mbps 

    • Private networking

    • Monitor and prioritize traffic (loss, jitter, latency, and packet loss)

    • Built-in diversity and redundancy

    • Rely on Peerless’ superior customer experience and flexibility and adaptability to meet your business’ unique circumstances.

    SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network Capabilities:

    • Orchestration & Automation: Connect applications to your users and manage your networking solution with automated management and intelligent reporting and analytics.
    • Zero Trust Security: Implement deny-by-default architecture to put you in control of session directionality and firewall functions.
    • Application-Aware Routing: Optimize your network with multi-path routing, session classification, and dynamic load balancing.
    • Fail Safe Service Delivery: Maintain connectivity during planned and unplanned downtime with active-active router clustering, sub-second session aware fast-failover, and dynamic session steering.

    Managing SD-WAN (SASE) with the Peerless Portal

    Manage your cloud-based network in real-time via the Peerless Portal. This fully automated online self-provisioning portal allows you to easily purchase, activate in real-time, and manage your SD-WAN (SASE) nodes and entire network via your desktop or mobile device—all in real-time!

    Get Started with SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless Network

    SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless was built on Peerless’ rich and proven history of providing reliable communications solutions for our customers at an excellent price point. Using our smart and innovative approach to networking and security will help your business mitigate complex and distributed IT requirements. With SD-WAN (SASE) from Peerless, your network will enjoy secure access no matter where their users, applications or devices are located.

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