Replacing Your POTS Lines with Peerless

The Clock is Ticking…Replacing your POTS Lines (Copper/ISDN Lines)

As you may be aware, there are a number of ways to deliver voice communications, and customers have, over the last several years in particular, been able to move to new technologies that provide them with feature-rich communications service usually at a lower price. While there has been legislation to eliminate copper lines, replacing your POTS lines is something most companies just didn’t worry about.

Some businesses have chosen to keep their traditional analog POTS and copper ISDN lines even as the costs for this type of service has risen on a steady basis largely because the service itself is so costly to maintain. There has certainly been a sentiment that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

But the FCC, in August of 2019, announced in order 19-72A1 that the legal provisions that protected TDM voice services (like POTS and ISDN) would be nullified after a three-year period, paving the way for IP-based services.  

That three-year period ends on August 2, 2022. If your business has POTS lines that need converted, Peerless can help! 

Forbearance Conversion from Peerless Network

Companies with POTS Lines Now – Replacing your POTS Lines:

If you have POTS services from any provider, we encourage you to seek an alternative solution immediately to avoid losing your voice services. If you aren’t currently a Peerless customer, we can help you make the move to our fully IP-based network that we’ve built from the ground up. 

Current Peerless Customers with POTS Services – Replacing your POTS Lines:

If you are a current customer with POTS lines, we have you covered! Peerless’ Forbearance Conversion Project has been developed to help Peerless customers, agents, and associations smoothly migrate POTS service from older technology to more modern ones that work with customers’ existing equipment and processes. Benefits for customers include the peace of mind that these services will continue without disruption or unpredictable price increases. In addition, customers will receive added benefits like unlimited long distance calling and be able to manage these services in real time through the Peerless Portal.

Peerless will move customers that currently have POTs lines from off-net, resold carriers to our fully IP-based network. Bringing these services on-net to Peerless will increase the ability to monitor and service these lines, as well as enhance the manageability of those lines.

Customer Benefits:


Service Stability – Moving to emulated POTs will remove the risk that a carrier we purchase these services from for our customers discontinues this service abruptly.


Price Stability – Prices will not increase through the term of the customer contract. While no company can promise prices will never rise, prices will be far more stable than if we continued reselling other carriers’ POTs services that are subject to the “no limit” price increases that forbearance allows.


Easy changes via the Peerless Portal – Quickly make changes in real-time to hunt groups and add or remove features. 


Access your invoice – Via the Peerless Portal, you can view and download your invoices whenever the need arises.


Remote Monitoring – Peerless Technical Support will remotely monitor your lines for any issues and alert you as soon as a problem occurs. This functionality is not available with traditional POTS lines. 


Unlimited Long Distance and Canada Calling – Your new service includes free unlimited long distance and calls to Canada.  

Learn more about POTS replacement and Forbearance Conversion