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PSTN Control – Use Cases

PSTN Control: How Carriers and Service Providers Benefit from the Service

Local Service Expansion: Seamlessly, Transparently and Cost-Efficiently:

Success in the Local Service arena comes from providing a high-quality service, priced and packaged for a particular target segment. And success comes to Local Service Providers who are able to achieve this right mix at the lowest possible price and the lowest possible risk. Which is why the most successful CLEC, Wireless and Interconnected VoIP Providers (IVPs)

choose strategies that rely on established networks and innovative services, like Peerless Network and PSTN Control.

PSTN Control allows Carriers access to the PSTN using Peerless Network, and it allows this access without the need to install and manage their own expensive and unnecessary facilities and interconnection arrangements.

Using PSTN Control, the Peerless network and interconnections to both LECs and 3,400+ other local and long distance switches, Local Service Providers benefit immediately from economies of scale and economies of time. They bypass both the incumbent LEC and their excessive costs and slow timeframes, and instead move quickly into new markets utilizing “already-established” connections (from Peerless) and industry routing instructions.

Relying on the PSTN Control, Local Service Providers can, from a network perspective, operate “virtually.” With their own telephone numbers, certification or registration in a market and a simple update to local routing tables, Local Providers enter markets quickly and cost-efficiently, and start to provide service to their customers seamlessly and transparently.

The result is that each Service Provider creates their own strategy, market-by-market and can focus on an investment in their own offerings and customer-base, instead of switches and other facilities. The result is that each Service Provider can provide the highest-quality offering at the lowest possible cost. And the result is that each Service Provider can maximize potential profits while significantly minimizing risk.

By relying on existing, available and established network infrastructure rather than building out unnecessary and, frankly, redundant facilities, smart Providers are moving into markets faster and more strategically, and are significantly improving profit potential.

PSTN Control helps Carriers and Providers operative more strategically and competitively in local service markets with:

  • Lower Cost: Decommission your own facilities, equipment and interconnections and instead rely on Peerless’ established network to offer high-quality, secure service
  • Better Capital Expenditure: Focus resources on Opex and user acquisition instead of sunk infrastructure expenses
  • Strategic Control: Determine the best expansion strategy for your company, market-by-market

A Strategic Alternative to High-Cost TDM Interconnections

TDM as a signaling protocol and interconnection channel certainly has its place, providing a high quality of dedicated service. But that service level and exclusivity comes at an equally high price, one that, given the reliability and quality level delivered from today’s SIP connections, in many instances no longer makes financial sense. Which is why many Carriers and Service Providers are opting to decommission their ILEC TDM interconnections, and instead purchase these services—both TDM and SIP—from Peerless Network.

Given that Peerless offers ubiquitous interconnection with all US ILECs, those Carriers who themselves are interconnected with Peerless Network—and Peerless boasts over 3,400 interconnections— are now taking advantage of the full benefits that their relationship with Peerless provides. They are reaping significant cost savings, greater flexibility and fuller redundancy by using the Peerless network to provide both SIP and TDM interconnections with local service providers within the Peerless footprint.

PSTN Control from Peerless Network allows Carriers to determine optimal strategies market-by-market, depending on a host of variables. Where strategies warrant a dedicated and direct ILEC interconnection, Carriers can simply continue their own ILEC relationship. And in markets where the extra costs and management requirements of incumbent interconnections don’t fit a profitable plan, Carriers are able to seek services from Peerless.

The value of PSTN Control is in its ability to allow Service Providers the option of creating their own unique strategy, market-by-market, and the assurance that Peerless Network is always available as a reliable alternative.

PSTN Control allows Carriers and Service Providers to:

  • Save Money – Decommission outdated and costly TDM interconnections with ILECs
  • Boost Redundancy – Rely on Peerless Network to provide both TDM and SIP interconnections
  • Get Strategic – Implement a strategy that is best for their particular position, market-by-market

Allow IVPs to Provide Local Service

From our start, Peerless Network has been truly committed to helping carriers be more competitive in the telecommunications industry. We prove this commitment with the products and services that we provide, how we operate and design our network and our advocacy for new types of Providers and service offerings.

Case in point, Peerless’ efforts to assist Interconnected VoIP Providers (IVPs) gain Federal regulatory recognition and approval to offer local service within the US. Obviously, our efforts were successful, so much so that we’ve opened a whole new marketplace for both consumers and providers.

PSTN Control is how we service this new market.

By allowing IVPs to ride our network into markets where they offer phone numbers and have state registration in place, Peerless Network and our PSTN Control offering provide IVPs a seamless, transparent and essentially “virtual” means of providing local service to end-user customers.

Now, interconnected VoIP providers can follow Peerless Network into 110+ established markets, taking advantage of this access into lucrative local telephone markets by expanding their range of services, and potentially, expanding their customer base too.

PSTN Control provides IVPs with:

  • Scale – go where the Peerless Network operates – currently in over 110 markets
  • Strategy – expand the range of services that you provide your existing customer base, and expand the markets where you offer service
  • Access – via our network and ILEC interconnections, PSTN Control provides IVPs with the essential PSTN access they require to provide a high-quality local telephone service offering to their customers.

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About Peerless Network

The overriding goal at Peerless Network is to simplify the interconnection process of telecommunication systems, and enhance competitiveness in emerging markets. We do this by building solutions that help customers lower their costs, scale more efficiently, enter new markets faster and improve the quality of service they deliver to their own customers.

In addition, we offer a complete line of tandem, end-office and value-added services designed specifically to enhance competitiveness in the local telecom market. Wireless Carriers, Cable Companies, CLECs, VoIP and Enhanced Service Providers and telecom-intensive Enterprises all rely on Peerless Networks to provide high-quality and innovative services, at market-driven rates.