Dedicated Services to Boost Customer Service and Overall Satisfaction


LD Termination

Toll-Free Termination from Peerless Network provides a host of advantages simply too good to beat.

Traversing the Peerless Network, your toll-free traffic is handled with dedicated service and the highest in network reliability. Low costs prevail, as peering and volume discounts apply and our extensive network of interconnects assures competitive rates.

Of course, our offering is customizable, tailored for your specific requirements including bundles with other Peerless products.

Toll-Free Termination Call Flow:

The following features are provided with Peerless Toll-Free Termination:


Peerless Toll-Free Service rides the Peerless Network, an all-IP network and one that garners exponential value through its vast carrier interconnections. Toll-Free Termination is completed via dedicated service for the highest of quality.

  • Dedicated service for call completion
  • 99.999% network reliability
  • Extensive interconnections
Lower Costs:

Throughout our history, Peerless Network has been synonymous with competitive rates. Through peering arrangements and other volume discounts, we continue our strong tradition of exceptional value.

  • Toll-peering volume discounts
  • Strong carrier relationships
Flexible Service Offerings:

To Resp Org or not to Resp Org, the choice is completely up to you. And so are a host of other options—like how you want your traffic handled and which other Peerless products you’ll select to assure your strategy.

  • Flexible Resp Org options
  • Ties with Peerless suite of services