Toll-Free with Peerless Network

Dedicated Toll-Free

Peerless Network’s Dedicated Toll-Free service rides our reliable and redundant all-IP network, creating exponential value and quality by leveraging our vast direct carrier interconnections.

The Peerless Network Dedicated Toll- Free service is customizable and tailored for your specific requirements, complimenting the entire suite of Peerless products and services.

Our dedicated service delivers value pricing through peering arrangements and other volume discounts.

Customers using their own Resp Org ID can also leverage our Toll-Free Peering product in conjunction with Dedicated Toll-Free Services, or as a standalone product. This will allow calls to be routed directly to your network, increasing quality and driving results to your bottom line.

With Peerless Network, we make connecting easy, secure, and flexible to fit your needs.



Frequently combined with other Peerless products:

  • Long Distance
  • Hosted LCR
  • Competitive Tandem
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Mobility

Lower Costs:

  • Lower costs through a dedicated connection
  • Lower costs through Peerless’ extensive network of interconnections
  • Lower costs when bundled with other Peerless services
  • Toll-peering volume discounts available


  • Dedicated service for call completion
  • 99.999% network reliability
  • Extensive interconnections

Flexible Service Offerings:

  • Flexible Resp Org options
  • Multiple IXC options
  • Single CIC or LCR availability

Competitive and Customizable:

  • Streamline and facilitate traffic flow directly to Peerless

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