Best Practices in Network Connectivity … and Customer Connectivity Too

Get instant communication to your customers, clients and co-workers with Peerless Network’s SMS and MMS Messaging Service.

Designed for Enterprise and Enhanced Service Providers, Peerless Messaging enables you to send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) messages between Peerless phone numbers and other wireline and wireless-enabled numbers. The result is a quick, convenient, effective and cost-efficient means of staying in contact with your most important customers.

A complete SMSC (Short Message Service Center) environment, with Peerless Messaging you can quickly provision phone numbers and begin both SMS and MMS service almost immediately. Integration with Peerless’ ANImate Number Management portal or API makes the process nearly turnkey.

For those customers seeking a competitively priced, person-to-person messaging platform for seamless connectivity between disparate networks and across a global footprint, Peerless Messaging is the solution.

Hosted Messaging Call Flow:

Competitive Advantages include:

High-Quality, Low-Cost Messaging:
  • Peerless Messaging is strategically designed to provide superior quality at competitive, market-driven rates
  • Pricing is based on message origination, and not on termination or quantity of message recipients
Messaging in Minutes – Near Real-Time Implementation:
  • We’ve honed our protocols and integrated our systems to allow for near real-time implementation of our Messaging services
  • Enable numbers in minutes, instead of days
Direct Control, Better Control:
  • Direct integration with the Peerless Messaging Platform means quicker and more efficient trouble-shooting when needed
  • Full integration with Peerless ANImate or API for number provisioning
  • SMPP, MM7 protocols or Rest API for dual integration
Global Service Footprint:
  • Messaging-enabled numbers are available across the US
  • Full messaging capabilities available across the US and Canada
  • International message termination within all Peerless international destinations