ANImate Number Management

Simple, Swift, Self-Service Portal for Real-Time Number Management

ANImate is Peerless Network’s customer-facing portal and API to support telephone number management. With ANImate, users are able to search Peerless’ vast inventory of available numbers via any combination of State, LATA, Rate Center, Location, NPA and/or NXX. Once selected, ANImate performs real-time activation of those numbers.

ANImate is also a fully automated telephone number provisioning platform. Users can initiate port-in requests and receive direct feedback, information and order status from the Peerless Local Number Portability (LNP) team. The ANImate Port-In request screen associates phone numbers instantly with LERG-valid geographic attributes. And, ANImate decomposes single port-in requests in real-time by each losing carrier associated to the phone numbers on the port-in request.

Administrative access can be fully customized with ANImate, including setting individual user’s rights to view and edit user orders and implement specific features or process specific order types.

Capabilities include:

Self-service searches
Automatic activation
Customizable administrative access
Robust report capability
Manageable Move, Add, Change and Disconnect activities


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