Lower Cost and Expanded Coverage Through Better Technology

Our patented WiFi First Wireless Solution enables end-user callers to move from trusted/pre-selected cellular networks to WiFi networks seamlessly. Using our new IP-to-IP soft handoff technology—the core of the WIFi First Solution—callers finally get a wireless service that actually works as well indoors as it does outdoors, and the ability to move easily between the two. And our MVNO customers, they get the latest technology that not only addresses market demands, but does so while potentially reducing costs up to 56%.

Peerless Network’s Voice and Messaging over WiFi is part of our total Mobility bundle, a complete, cost-effective and innovative solution that provides MVNOs and other providers a real competitive advantage in the Wireless marketplace.

Features include:

Advanced Technology = Lower Rates:
  • WiFi and other network efficiency lower costs up to 56%
  • More WiFi equals higher customer satisfaction
Patented IP-to-IP Soft Handoff Technology:
  • Seamless transfer from Cellular to WiFi
  • Extended coverage area
Flexible Smartphone Options:
  • Customized and pre-loaded with Integrated Dialers (from select vendors)
  • Full support for BYOD
Comprehensive & Complete Service Suite:
  • VoWiFi and Messaging Service
  • Real-time Gy Data Controls
  • Hosted Billing
  • A la carte offerings