Implement Quickly, and Quickly Gain Control Over Data and Revenues

Our Real-time Voice and Data Control Service uses Diameter interfaces to connect our Online Charging System (OCS) and Sprint’s cellular network for instant (real-time) rating and management of traffic flows. Our online charging solutions pair well with our other services, including Peerless Network’s Voice and WiFi Messaging service and Hosted Billing service, a natural extension to a complete offering.

Features include:

Flexible, Favorable Pricing:
  • Our rate structure is MVNO-friendly and our terms are MVNO-favorable
Comprehensive Service Suite:
  • A patented Over the Top (OTT) Voice and WiFi Messaging Service
  • A comprehensive and cost-saving MVNO Hosted Billing Platform
  • A complete suite of competitive Carrier Services
True Industry Expertise:
  • Our innovation and extensive network expertise brings competition to the MVNO market
  • Our customers rely on us to be their network experts
Simple and Streamlined Implementation:
  • Direct API connection
  • Peerless interconnect to your current billing or service provider