Grow Revenue & Improve Satisfaction with Convenient On-Device Support

MyPhone, an on-device app that allows users to top-up minutes, manage their account and optimize phone functionality, is the latest and perhaps the most strategic tool available to competitive MVNOs.

MyPhone drives customer wallet share by positioning itself at the right place, at the right time. When customers need more minutes, topping-up their account is a simple as tapping the screen on their phone. The MyPhone app connects directly to billing platforms to handle all account transactions, including buying more minutes and managing routine account maintenance.

MyPhone also serves as an on-demand customer care portal that allows users to handle the majority of issues on their own. The result is that problems are solved quickly and easily by users, without the need of outside assistance. This means expensive support costs can be reduced—considerably, and revenues and profits can grow—significantly.

Finally, MyPhone boosts customer satisfaction and brand loyalty through its sheer accessibility and ease-of-use. Customers maintain control of their accounts and are assured their phones are running optimally, and they appreciate knowing this control is available at any time from their handset.

MyPhone from Peerless Network gives customers exactly want they want—control over their accounts and control over their phones. And, MyPhone gives providers what they need too—a means of reducing costs and growing profits.

Features include:

Significantly Increase Revenue Potential:
  • One-tap for customers to top-up minutes and data instantly
  • Point-of-sale conveniently placed on customer phone
  • Easy links to e-commerce site for additional purchases opportunities
Instantly Reduce Customer Care Costs:
  • Intercepts all calls to customer care
  • Allows a self-service solution for up to 80% of issues
  • Provides a new and preferred method of maintenance and support
Boost Customer Satisfaction, Retention and Loyalty:
  • Quick, convenient, customer-driven maintenance and support
  • Simple and streamlined app design
  • Provides the result customers want, exactly when they want it
Complete Customization:
  • Custom branding and tailored app design