Hosted Billing Solutions

Simple, Swift, Self-Service Portal for Real-Time Number Management

Peerless Hosted Billing is an all-inclusive, customizable, cloud-based platform that can handle both frontend e-commerce and backend billing and reporting requirements for MVNOs.

Hosted Billing from Peerless Network allows MVNOs to service and support their own subscribers with powerful customizable plans and service offerings designed on-the-fly and offered in real-time. The result is the ability to quickly customize plans based on market conditions and customer demand.

With an API that allows full integration into an e-commerce website, mobile apps or IVR systems, end-user customers can shop, select and activate service via secure credit card processing. Prepaid, postpaid, pay-as-you-go, top-ups … it’s all possible and easily so with Hosted Billing from Peerless.

The platform also is a powerful backend accounting, reporting and taxation authority. Using Hosted Billing, MVNOs can manage and report on their own performance and automate accounting and tax requirements with on-demand access to data and standard or custom reports.

Partnering with one of the leading providers of tax calculation data and software (SureTax), Peerless provides MVNOs accurate and powerful tax rating integration into our Hosted Billing platform.

Finally, Hosted Billing from Peerless also offers MVNOs an online invoicing system and the ability to create and send end-users invoices and online records of their accounts.

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Complete Customization and Scale:

Create customized plans and implement in real-time
Offer any number of unique programs or plans via a platform that scales to your requirements

Full Integration via Flexible API:

Tie into your own frontend e-commerce site
Feed your own app or IVR account management system

Credit Card Processing:

Easy payment and auto-payments
Support for all major payment processors

Reliable and Near Real-Time Tax Management:

Software and data from leading tax authority
Data updated in near real-time

Custom-Built Reports for Account and Tax Management:

Daily, weekly, monthly and on-demand reports
Standard or custom reports
Performance, accounting and tax reports