From Footprints to Service Levels, Complete Customization for International


LD Termination

Peerless Network’s International Long Distance (ILD) service is specifically designed with our customers in mind. Now, ILD customers have a choice of service footprints and service levels, selecting where they call and how they call, while always maintaining the high-quality they expect with Peerless Network.

Peerless Network International Long Distance:
Choose your footprint and your service level for “International” designed specifically for you.


  • Worldwide Termination:
    This offering includes termination to our complete A-Z Footprint of international destinations.
  • High-Fraud Countries Excluded:
    For those customers who simply need a more focused termination list, we’ve offer service that excludes destinations with increased risk.

Service Level:

  • Preferred Level:
    The “Preferred” level of Peerless ILD is for those customers who put a premium on Tier 1 features, carriers and service levels. Preferred ILD relies on premium international carriers who support CLI. *CLI is not guaranteed on all calls.
  • Standard Level:
    Peerless’ “Standard” ILD offering is designed for customers seeking the most aggressive international rates. The result is a slimmed-down version of ILD that removes Calling Line Information (CLI) as a feature offering in favor of lower rates.

Contact Peerless Network Sales Team for information on our international footprint and current rates.