All the Benefits of a Custom LCR Solution, at Least-Cost Hosted Rates


LD Termination

With Peerless Network’s Hosted LCR (Least Cost Routing) solution, carriers, service providers and enterprise customers can leverage a single interconnection to Peerless Network and control routing to reach their preferred providers. Hosted LCR from Peerless Network provides all of the benefits of traditional least cost routing products without the necessity of integrating software or adding complex translations.

Hosted LCR Call Flow:
Quick and Simple Turn-Up:
  • Implementation is quick and easy via secure access to the cloud-based LCR platform
  • Route translations are established on the Peerless tandem switch eliminating the need to manage complex translations within your own network
Complete Control:
  • Near real-time control of vendors and routing decisions, with preferences based on a multiple NPA-NXX, NPA-NXX-X, LATA, OCN, country code or other LERG constructs
  • Customer also controls vendor management activities including: vendor selection, rate negotiations and call routing decisions
  • Significantly lower implementation costs by using cloud-based, shared solution
  • Reduces routing costs with anywhere/anytime route changes possible via secure access to hosted platform