Innovative Solution to Allow Competitive Call Handling


LD Termination

With Peerless Network’s Access Homing Tandem Service, our Carrier customers—both on the local and long distance side of the call—reap a host of benefits that deter cost and physical network requirements.

Access Homing Tandem Call Flow:

Peerless Access Homing Service allows carriers to minimize the costs associated with call delivery, and potentially generate revenue in the process.

  • Bypass the ILEC for reduced costs
  • Generate revenue (CDRs passed to customer)
  • Minimize physical network connections

With interconnections and relationships with the nation’s top carriers, Peerless provides an established network, ready to efficiently handle your traffic. And Peerless is also a diverse network, ready to handle both your TDM and IP traffic.

  • Vast network of top IXCs
  • IP and/or TDM call handling
  • Direct connection, LERG or CIC-based routing of multiple traffic types

Access Homing service is provided on the Peerless Network which offers 99.999% reliability.

  • LERG-based
  • Fully redundant