A Market Presence—Quickly & Easily and Without Unnecessary Costs

The Peerless Competitive Tandem Suite, including Local and Access Homing Tandem services, gives carriers of all types a market presence without the need of establishing their own costly physical interconnections. By utilizing Peerless Network’s substantial interconnections—instead of building their own—customers not only eliminate significant network cost but also drastically reduce the time it takes to enter a new market.

Peerless Tandem Services are also a great way for CLECs to test new markets quickly or decide to finally retire their entire TDM network.

Key benefits include:

Swift, Strategic Market Expansion:
  • Significantly speeds time-to-market
  • Allows rapid scale without massive budgetary constraints
  • Provides means to efficiently test a new market without full capital commitment
Easy Access to CLEC Status:
  • Provides VoIP Providers with a streamlined channel to CLEC status
  • Allows any registered CLEC to operate remotely
  • Facilitates traffic for interconnected VoIP Providers approved for number ordering
Up-Grade to All-IP and Retire Your TDM:
  • Permits Carriers to dedicate resources to advanced technology
  • Allows Carriers to decommission unnecessary TDM connections