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Recently, Peerless Network added SD-WAN (SASE) to their portfolio. According to Peerless, the cloud-based next-generation Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service builds on traditional SD-WAN capabilities and provides Enterprise customers of all sizes with a simple, secure, high-performing, and very cost-effective way to connect their sites. According to Jim Brewer, Executive Vice President of Peerless, the SD-WAN (SASE) service allows enterprise customers to add redundancy and to prioritize traffic over their networks. Rick Knight, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing stresses how the new offering enhances the portfolio that Peerless Network’s partner community can offer their customers. “There’s always an opportunity for SD-WAN (SASE) because there’s always a network that could be made better,” says Brewer. “Peerless provides a whole bunch of sales tools to make the sale of the service better,” explains Brewer, on how Peerless has created a simple portal for the partner community to use to simplify the sales process. In this podcast we learn how Peerless has made selling SD-WAN (SASE) not only easy but intuitive. This approach is part of a larger Peerless approach to draining the complexity out of sales process so that the partners can focus on opportunities. Peerless Network is a member of the Cloud Communication Alliance, CCA.