As we continue to expand our enterprise and international reach, we are proud to announce our partnership with Ribbon Communications’ Cloud2Edge service to power our Cloud PBX UCaaS platform.

Cloud PBX is our cloud-based offering provides enterprises with a cost-effective, carrier-grade QoS management, enhanced security and high-quality business communications solutions with no complicated equipment installation. Enterprises can easily manage telephone extensions, DIDs, services, routing, configuration and inventory over a cloud-based IP network via one system with zero-touch provisioning and easy customization.  

Peerless Network is leveraging Ribbon’s Cloud2Edge for its ability to offer Quality of Service (QoS) management capabilities via an end-to-end view, from our network to the customer premises to IP endpoints. In addition, we are utilizing the Cloud2Edge service as a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Gateway for improved voice and data transmission.

This partnership allows us to expand our innovative, market-disrupting technology to the enterprise and international markets with a consumption-based, simple-to-deploy UCaaS model. As a trusted Peerless partner for over a decade, the Ribbon collaboration helps us continue delivering the high-quality voice and security solutions that our customers have come to expect.

“We believe the new Peerless Cloud PBX offering is very attractive to enterprises who are looking for best-in-class business communications solutions backed by an organization whose quality of service is among the highest in the industry,” said Kevin Riley, Interim Co-President and CEO for Ribbon. “Our Cloud2Edge service is ideal for service providers such as Peerless Network who require a comprehensive solution to secure and manage their Unified Communications offering. We are delighted to deepen our great, long-lasting partnership with Peerless with this latest deployment.”

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