Peerless Network is proud to announce our new offering to combat robocalling, Peerless CallTrue, is powered by Ribbon Communications’ industry-leading security technology.

Peerless is already an established leader complying with the FCC mandate that service providers implement SHAKEN/STIR call authentication standards ASAP. Our new Peerless CallTrue offering leverages Ribbon’s advanced SHAKEN/STIR technology to provide businesses with advanced protection against unwanted robo and nuisance calls.

Ribbon’s SHAKEN/STIR technology consists of new software functionality in its SBCs and virtual policy and routing (PSX) servers that provide advanced call processing and verification tools to help identify spoofed or robocalls. This technology enables Peerless CallTrue to provide simple recorded messaging that asks callers to enter commands to verify the caller is human. 

“While competitors may claim to block robocalls, Peerless Network has added customer-first, cutting-edge technology from Ribbon to allow our end-users to leverage a much more advanced method to mitigate robocalls,” said John Barnicle, President and CEO of Peerless Network. “Peerless CallTrue is a pivotal component in transforming the SHAKEN/STIR era by enabling customers to take greater control over the calls their businesses receive.”

“Peerless Network is already a leader when it comes to delivering their global customer base high- quality voice solutions, so it should come as no surprise that they would take a proactive leadership role in protecting their customers against one of the biggest problems facing the telecommunications industry,” said Steven Bruny, Interim Co-President and CEO of Ribbon. “In addition to being fully compliant with the FCC’s SHAKEN/STIR standards, they have gone even further to ensure the protection of their customers with their new Peerless CallTrue offering, which empowers Peerless customers with a better option than just blocking calls. We are delighted that they have entrusted our SHAKEN/STIR technology to help protect their customers from robocalls.”

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