Peerless Network is proud to announce that our own redundant, low latency, high-quality voice, reliable network infrastructure and technologies are fully updated and compliant with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) SHAKEN/STIR standards. The updated compliance aims to stop robocalls and spoofed calling numbers. To take it a step further, Peerless Network has implemented a new interactive voice response technology (IVR) called Peerless CallTrue, which enables customers to have a better option than just blocking calls. 

While standard SHAKEN/STIR technology is a caller ID authentication that lets customers know an incoming call is actually coming from the number listed on their caller ID, Peerless CallTrue is able to further mitigate robocalls. Peerless CallTrue provides simple recorded messaging that asks callers to enter commands, such as “please press 2” to verify the caller is human. This eliminates the need for your business’ customer service or sales representatives wasting time with unwanted calls, and ensures your business’ inbound call data isn’t skewed with spam calls. 

Peerless CallTrue is an additional layer of protection for customers, driving up the costs for robocallers, causing a deterrent to slow down solicitations.

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