Newest Patent Further Optimizes the Network for Call Completion and Cost-Efficiencies

CHICAGO, August 8, 2017 — On the heels of two other patent awards just last month, Peerless Network, a leading provider of Wholesale Voice, Mobile and Competitive Interconnection Services, announces the issuance of US Patent 9,729,586 for our “Auto-Dialer Detector for Inter-Carrier Network Switch.”

This latest patent, which raises Peerless’ Patent Portfolio to 12, is awarded for creation of a method to identify in real-time or near real-time calls made from automatic dialers. Detecting calls that originate from automatic dialers before they enter the routing process allows Peerless to make route decisions that both maximize network efficiencies and reduce costs of network operations.

Today’s telecommunication networks are commonly engineered to accept traffic that differs across several characteristics, including Type: Voice or Data, Signal Protocol: IP or TDM and Quality: Short or Long Duration. The most sophisticated of these networks, which includes the Peerless network, are not only able to accept various traffic types, they are also able to identify and make route choices based on key characteristics before the traffic is accepted onto the network. This ability allows Peerless to determine optimal route selection, which in turn ensures peak network performance and cost efficiencies.

“Throughout our 10-year history, we’ve committed ourselves to innovation,” said John Barnicle, CEO of Peerless Network, “the result of which is consistent and significant improvements to our network, technologies, processes and products, and quality and costs for our customers.” John continued, “This 12th patent simply reiterates and reinforces our mission and contribution to our industry and our customers.”

Peerless’ earlier patents were also awarded for advancements to competitive network design, and include:

Patent Title Patent No. Status
Systems and Methods of Providing Multi- Homed Access Tandem 8,275,112 Issued
System and Method of Providing Communication Service Using a Private Packet Network Backbone Exchange 8,284,765 Issued
Systems and Methods of Mitigating Phantom Call Traffic 8,401,166 Issued
Systems and Methods of Providing Multi-Homed Tandem Access 8,559,614 Issued
System and Method of Providing Communication Service Using a Private Packet Network Backbone Exchange 8,792,478 Issued
Private Packet Network Backbone Exchange with Variable Call Termination Location Capability 8,983,507 Issued
Systems and Methods of Mitigating Phantom Call Traffic 9,036,625 Issued
SBC-Localized Handoff 9,264,944 Issued
Native Dialer Fall-Back 9,497,606 Issued
Self-Healing Inter-Carrier Network Switch 9,705,939 Issued
Emergency Call Over a Data Network 9,706,351 Issued
Auto-Dialer Detector for Inter-Carrier Network Switch 9,729,586 Issued


About Peerless Network:

The overriding goal at Peerless Network is to simplify the interconnection process of telecommunication systems and enhance competitiveness in emerging markets. We do this by building solutions that help customers lower their costs, scale more efficiently, enter new markets faster and improve the quality of service they deliver to their own customers.

We offer a complete line of tandem, end-office and value-added services designed specifically to enhance competitiveness in the telecom market. Long Distance Providers, Wireless Carriers, Cable Companies, CLECs, VoIP and Enhanced Service Providers and telecom-intensive Enterprises all rely on Peerless Network to provide high-quality and innovative services, at market-driven rates.