Company unveils Peerless CallTrue, new IVR technology to mitigate robocalls

CHICAGO – October 9, 2019 Peerless Network, a leading-edge provider of telecommunications services and a global disruptor in the telecom industry delivering the highest quality voice solutions for enterprise and wholesale customers worldwide, announces today the company’s own redundant, low latency, high-quality voice, reliable network infrastructure and technologies are fully updated and compliant with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) SHAKEN/STIR standards, which aim to stop robocalls and spoofed calling numbers. In addition, Peerless Network has implemented even more measures that go beyond SHAKEN/STIR standards with its new interactive voice response technology (IVR) called Peerless CallTrue, which enables customers to have a better option than just blocking calls. 

Standard SHAKEN/STIR technology is a caller ID authentication to let customers know that an incoming call is actually coming from the number listed on the caller ID display. However, Peerless CallTrue goes a step further to mitigate robocalls. Peerless CallTrue provides simple recorded messaging that asks callers to enter commands, such as “please press 2” to verify the caller is human. This eliminates the need for your business’ customer service or sales representatives wasting time with unwanted calls, and ensures your business’ inbound call data isn’t skewed with spam calls.

“Peerless Network goes the extra mile to protect customers from unwanted robocalls with our tested and proven Peerless CallTrue,” stated John Barnicle, President & CEO of Peerless Network. “While competitors may claim to block robocalls, Peerless Network has added customer-first, cutting-edge technology to allow our end-users to leverage a far superior method to mitigate these calls from routing. This approach is a better option for our customers than simply blocking calls, as it allows them to take greater control over calls their business receives.”

Peerless CallTrue adds a layer of protection for customers, driving up the costs for robocallers, causing a deterrent to slow down solicitations.

“Our advanced IVR technology enables customers to be proactive in their business more than ever before in the age of unwanted robocalls,” commented Jim Brewer, SVP of Emerging Businesses at Peerless Network. “Peerless Network strives to create technology to make our customer experience better with simple ways to route calls to benefit their business.”

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