Hammer XMS selected based on flexibility and in-depth service visibility

BEDFORD, Mass. – September 22, 2008 – Empirix® Inc., which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced today that Peerless Network LLC, a provider of services that simplify interconnecting voice and data traffic across disparate networks, has installed Empirix’s Hammer XMS monitoring solution for added visibility into its four switch sites. Used by Peerless’ network operations center and its engineers, Hammer XMS helps to isolate and troubleshoot customer issues by offering deep insight into all the protocols running within Peerless’ soft switch network.

The Peerless Traffic Management Team uses Hammer XMS for the analysis of capacity and trends within the network, and its Customer Test and Turn-up Team uses the technology to assist in the establishment of new customer services. In addition, Hammer XMS’s holistic view of Peerless’ network includes legacy and VoIP systems, using both standard and vendor-proprietary protocols.

“Having a system like Hammer XMS allows us to more effectively utilize our operations staff,” said Jim Brewer, vice president, voice services at Peerless. “This technology gives us never-before-seen visibility into all of our platforms, so rather than looking at the problems separately, we now have more efficiency throughout our entire process – saving us time and cost, and improving overall customer service.” Empirix’s Hammer XMS is a carrier-class monitoring solution designed to ensure the reliability and quality of next-generation services. Hammer XMS offers Network Engineering, Planning, Operations and Customer Care teams the ability to both efficiently and confidently deploy new services and maintain current services with higher quality and at a lower cost.

“When we began discussions with Peerless, they were specific about their need for a solution capable of in-depth service visibility, as well as some unique requirements pertinent to their usage of vendor proprietary protocols,” said Gordon Eddy, senior director, product management at Empirix. “We’re happy to add Peerless Network to our growing list of companies that have taken the proactive step of implementing service quality monitoring to assist them in operating smoother internally and providing better customer service externally.”

About Empirix
Empirix helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence. We combine the industry’s deepest knowledge of telecommunications and self-service applications with award-winning testing and monitoring solutions to ensure our customers realize the promise of their technology investments. Empirix is the only company with expertise that spans the evolution of these advanced technologies across multiple markets – from testing in R&D labs through monitoring the end-user experience. For over a decade, thousands of quality-conscious network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises worldwide have trusted Empirix to reduce the time and cost of integrating new technologies into existing environments.
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About Peerless Network
Peerless Network is a fully funded, privately held company focused on simplifying the interconnection process for other telecommunications service providers via a wide range of innovative services. Based in Chicago, the company currently delivers services in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Peerless Network expects to be in a dozen major markets by late 2008 – increasing market presence three-fold.
More information is available at www.peerlessnetwork.com.

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