Peerless Network Adds Two More Patents to Its Impressive Line-up of Achievements

CHICAGO, July 28, 2017 — Peerless Network, a leading US provider of Wholesale Voice, Mobile and Competitive Interconnection Services, today announces the receipt of two new US Patents for innovations in the field of network services, and specifically Internet Telephony network services.

For over a decade now, Peerless Network has offered significant advancements to the telecommunications industry, delivering a series of improvements to the design and architecture of competitive network infrastructures. The award of these newest patents raises Peerless Network’s total patent count to 11, and is a testament to the dedication and real contributions Peerless provides to the space.

Specifically, Peerless was awarded US Patent No. 9,705,939, “Self-Healing Inter-Carrier Network Switch” for its design of an original method for delivering calls based on real-time vendor performance. While the system has powered the Peerless Network for some time, its success and commercial relevancy drove the decision to seek patent protection on the application.

Additionally, Peerless was awarded US Patent No. 9,706,351, “Emergency Call Over a Data Network” for its development of a system and procedure to ensure completion and proper routing of emergency calls placed on IP-enabled devices. This feature replaces other solutions currently in place, and adds significantly to the commercial strength and viability of Peerless Network’s Mobility Service offering.

“Since our founding in 2008, advancement and innovation in the telecommunications industry has been a primary focus and goal for Peerless, and with these latest patent awards we are simply following through on this mission and commitment,” said John Barnicle, CEO of Peerless Network. John continued, “We are proud of the contributions we are making in the industry, and look forward to continued achievements in the field.”


About Peerless Network:

The overriding goal at Peerless Network is to simplify the interconnection process of telecommunication systems and enhance competitiveness in emerging markets. We do this by building solutions that help customers lower their costs, scale more efficiently, enter new markets faster and improve the quality of service they deliver to their own customers.

We offer a complete line of tandem, end-office and value-added services designed specifically to enhance competitiveness in the telecom market. Long Distance Providers, Wireless Carriers, Cable Companies, CLECs, VoIP and Enhanced Service Providers and telecom-intensive Enterprises all rely on Peerless Network to provide high-quality and innovative services, at market-driven rates.