CHICAGO, Illinois-April 4, 2016 − Peerless Network announced today a strategic alliance
with Quality One Wireless, an arrangement that provides their MVNO (Mobile Virtual
Network Operator) customers and Network Operators with a channel to procure
handsets enabled for Voice and Messaging over WiFi service (VoWiFi).

Success in the consumer wireless space requires providers to deliver several key
components: a high quality and dependable network service, cost effective solutions,
and the latest smartphones and mobile hardware. “A strategic alliance between
Peerless Network and Quality One Wireless is a terrific match, as it provides for all of
these elements combined into one convenient solution,” said Heather McNeive, Vice
President – Wireless Solutions for Peerless Network.

Peerless Network recently launched its WiFi First Wireless Solution, a service that allows
IP-to-IP soft handoffs between WiFi and cellular networks. The innovative offering, for
which Peerless Network was awarded a US Patent, provides for seamless
interconnections from WiFi-to-cellular, cellular-to-WiFi, and WiFi-to-WiFi networks, a
process that significantly extends coverage areas and potentially lowers costs for
providers and end-users alike.

The benefit of VoWiFi for mobile users is enhanced coverage within buildings. While
cellular service is terrific when one is out and about, it often falters in homes, offices,
and other buildings. This is where the ability of a phone to switch from a cellular signal
to a WiFi signal is of significant value. It allows a call and the mobile service to continue
uninterrupted, with a transparent transfer between the networks.

In order for the service to function however, handsets must be enabled to allow the
transition. This is where the services of Quality One Wireless come in – supplying the
industry with enhanced phones.

“This complete WiFi solution is a great opportunity for our customers, and definitely a
solution for which they’ve been asking,” said John Chiorando, CEO of Quality One
Wireless. “We are thrilled to be able to work with Peerless to address this critical need.”

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