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Nationwide Network

Peerless Portal

Call (312) 506-0920

Nationwide Network

Channel Partners

Grow Your Business By Providing Your Customers With the Best in Telecom Products and Services

Peerless Network’s partner program provides your customers with the highest quality products and services at very competitive prices. More importantly, Peerless will provide you with the tools and support infrastructure to ensure that managing your business and your customers goes smoothly and without a hitch.

Our nationwide, redundant backbone network connects to almost all carriers, VoIP providers, mobile carriers, and cable companies. Your customers will be very pleased with your recommendation to install Peerless.

To learn more about our Partner Program,
please call us at (312) 766-1507.

Introducing the Peerless Portal.

A fully automated online portal for purchasing and managing SIP Channels, DIDs and call termination.

No subscription fee. No commitment.
Cancel anytime.

Our services include…

SIP Channels

True control over operations through complete management and administration of telephone numbers.

Local Service

Connect directly to a roster of over 3,700 carrier interconnections in almost 200 LATAs at competitive rates.

Long Distance

Flexible routing choices, TDM and IP interconnection capabilities and aggressive price packages.

International Calls

Choose service footprint and service level, including worldwide termination, fraud risk reduction, and CLI.

Toll-Free Calling

Toll-free origination and toll-free termination services with efficient origination of 8YY calls.

WiFi Services

IP-to-IP soft handoff technology moves calls from trusted/pre-selected cellular networks to WiFi networks seamlessly.

As a leading telecommunications provider, Peerless Network is protocol agnostic. We support all types of connectivity.