Telecom Reseller Podcast – Omnichannel 101 and the Customer Experience, featuring with Doug Green and Ted Franz

In this podcast, Doug Green and Infobip’s Ted Franz discuss omnichannel, conversational commence, and how the overall customer experience is evolving. How can companies engage with customers beyond phone calls, email, and their websites? Many SMBs and middle market companies are still new to messaging or are only sending basic one-way alerts. Others have siloed data that limits their ability to deliver a coherent customer journey. Brands are now beginning to understand that true two-way conversational messaging across popular social media channels and chatapps like WhatsApp are desired, the same tools used by many to connect with friends and family.

“You need to meet the customer where they are today, and service them either on the revenue side or the service support side on the preferred channel that they like to use. We see a big shift in brands now recognizing this,” says Ted Franz, Director of Product Strategy at Infobip.

Within companies there is also a heightened focus on providing contact center agents with more sophisticated tools to help them better support customers. If the agent has incomplete visibility and context in a customer interaction, we have the beginnings of a poor customer experience where agents lack the information needed to meet the customer where they are with an issue and then to resolve the issue. “Enterprises are starting to deploy customer data platforms or CDP,” Franz adds. Infobip offers this type of platform, and we learn how a CDP helps an organization segment their audience and deliver hyper-personalized, relevant content at the right time and on the customers’ preferred channel.

One more particularly exciting aspect of our conversation is learning about the accessibility of these solutions for smaller and middle-sized firms. Hyper-personalizing the customer experience is now vital to maintaining customer brand expectations, curbing costly customer defections, and creating deeper connections with customers.

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