It’s Yet Another Patent for Peerless Network – Enhanced OTT Application Integration with Native Dialers

CHICAGO, Illinois, December 02, 2016 − Peerless Network today announces the receipt of U.S. Patent No: 9,497,606 for development, design and invention of a “Native Dialer Fall-Back” software capability. This feature will become standard on all phones offered on Peerless’ mobile platform.

Mobile phones that run over IP networks (IP telephony phones) require special software that allows them to make and accept phone calls just as landline, cellular and LTE phones do. This software, an “application dialer,” is placed on IP phones to essentially replace or override the dialer software built-into or native to the phone/handset.

“With the receipt of this patent and development of this process, Peerless Network is now able to provide its end-user subscribers with both low-cost mobility services and the ability to choose which calls are handled by the application dialer, and which calls should be released to the native dialer,” said Jim Brewer, SVP of Engineering for Emerging Businesses at Peerless Network. Brewer continued, “This is just the latest in a series of similar innovations Peerless is making within the MVNO market. We are quite proud of our contributions into this space and the service suite we are building.”

Peerless Network offers a full line of services for the MVNO marketplace, including Voice and Messaging over WiFi (WiFi First), Real-Time Voice and Data Control and Hosted Billing services. Peerless also offers mobile service direct to consumers via its own

About Peerless Network:

Founded in 2008, Peerless Network simplifies how networks, devices and people connect.

Peerless is the premier voice interconnection provider, offering a complete line of tandem, end-office and value-added services designed specifically to enhance competitiveness in the local telecom market. Wireless Carriers, Cable Companies, CLECs, VoIP and Enhanced Service Providers and telecom-intensive Enterprise all rely on Peerless Networks to provide high-quality and innovative services, at market-driven rates.

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About WaveNation:

WaveNation is a low-cost, high-quality consumer wireless service that rides on the efficiencies of everywhere WiFi connections.

Using patented and proprietary signaling software, WaveNation promotes a WiFi-First policy that takes full advantage of the many efficiencies of WiFi signaling available throughout the US. Seamless transfers to cellular keep coverage consistent. Low monthly service fees, flexible data offerings and unbeatable rates to international locations make WaveNation a win for all customers.

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