At Peerless Network, our goal is to drive increased competition into telcom markets by offering innovative products, market-driven pricing, and constant expansion into new service areas.

We’ve Expanded into 10 New LATAs

And so, we are pleased to announce the addition of 10 new markets to our national footprint. With the addition of these new LATAs, Peerless breaks the 100th city mark, and now offers service in 103 of the top LATAs in the country.

Our new markets include:

482 – Jackson, MS
640 – Sioux Falls. SD
650 – Billings, MT
652 – Boise, ID
654 – Cheyenne, WY
939 – Fort Myers, FL
974 – Rochester, NY
124 – Burlington, VT
476 – Birmingham, AL
528 – Little Rock, AK

View the complete Peerless Network Map and LATA Listings here.

Get More Competitive: We’ll Show You How

In addition to providing service that covers over 70% of the US population, Peerless also provides some of the most innovative solutions across carrier types. Our Transit, Competitive Tandem and Mobility/WiFi offerings are helping the nation’s top carriers compete more successfully.

We can do the same for you … let’s get started.