CHICAGO, Illinois and SEATTLE, Washington — June 16, 2016 — Peerless Network and Vcare announce today the successful integration of their respective MVNO offerings. Peerless Network’s mobility suite of services, including Voice and Messaging over WiFi and Real-Time Gy Data Control, and Vcare’s Billing Platform are now fully integrated to allow a seamless implementation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) customers.

“Now, due to this collaboration, MVNOs have a flexible, secure and comprehensive billing solution that can be implemented within weeks … instead of months,” said Heather McNeive, VP of Sales and Mobility for Peerless Network. And with this accelerated install pace, also comes an accelerated time-to-market and time-to-revenue—an important feature for providers looking to quickly win market share and profits. “These benefits combined with a hassle-free implementation process, makes this a great choice for MVNOs looking for a total solution, and one that includes VoWiFi and Real-Time Data Controls,” McNeive said.

“With the introduction of our patented WiFi First offering which allows mobile traffic to ride either WiFi or Cellular data connections—and move seamlessly between the two, we’ve provided the MVNO market with the means to take full advantage of WiFi’s expanded coverage and lower costs, and still provide a quality experience for their own end-users,” said Rick Knight, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Peerless Network.

“So, in joining with Vcare to provide an integrated billing solution, we are simply extending our commitment to MVNOs to provide the highest quality offerings in the most economical way possible,” Knight said. “Vcare provides a comprehensive, secure and stable platform, and we are pleased to be working with them.”

Sandip (Sandy) Mehra, Managing Partner and CEO at Vcare, shares these sentiments, explaining that while a customer can still elect to use either company’s services independently, the benefits derived when combining the services—given their cohesive flow and assimilated design, adds speed and security to the list of reasons to buy. “Working with Peerless was a simple decision,” Mehra said, “as they are industry veterans and experts in the space. The combination of their services with our platform only serves to significantly increase the value of both,” Mehra said.

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