MS Teams Direct Routing

Organizations are adopting more agile business processes to accommodate a remote workforce, including closing empty offices, and focusing on other digital initiatives. At the same time, they should consider a more modern communications strategy. While using traditional telephone systems was enough to run a business even a few years ago, it isn’t in today’s digitized world. That’s why businesses are turning to MS Teams Direct Routing to streamline the way their employees communicate.

Peerless Network is a proven partner to quickly modernize company communication and collaboration efforts. We are a trusted provider for communication solutions and remote work initiatives.

MS Teams Direct Routing is an original connection between Peerless Network’s SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams. Our seamless solution turns MS Teams into an office phone system with PBX integration capabilities.

What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is another way to connect Microsoft Teams to the public telephone network via Peerless Network. Peerless then routes incoming and outgoing calls via the cloud. Microsoft Teams goes beyond serving as the main internal communication platform. It can also be configured to be a fully functioning phone system via direct routing or a Microsoft calling plan.

Direct Routing allows you to connect Microsoft Teams voice service providers to access better call rates, increased flexibility, and customer support. Choose your own voice provider, integrate with other enterprise systems, and leverage the Microsoft Teams.

In comparison, a Microsoft calling plan can have its drawbacks as it is expensive and limited in availability. Oftentimes, porting phone numbers can be confusing with no dedicated customer support.

With Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, businesses are able to:

  • Make and receive business calls
  • Engage in conference calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Voicemail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Unlimited File Sharing

How MS Teams Direct Routing Works

Direct Routing connects MS Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using two key elements:

  1. Session Border Controller (SBC), which is essentially a firewall for VoIP
  2. SIP Trunks

Click here to Watch a demo of Peerless MS Teams Direct Routing

Benefits of MS Teams Direct Routing

Shifting to Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is an efficient way to achieve unified communications. Here are some of the key benefits organizations can expect.

Centralized Approach

MS Teams Direct Routing standardizes communication throughout the organization. Companies can streamline compliance, centralize IT support, and simplify employee training by replicating the user experience in all locations globally.


MS Teams Direct Routing reduces the number of vendor relationships. Companies are able to use a single managed service provider instead of multiple local carriers.


Easily add, modify, or remove Microsoft Teams users across diverse office and remote environments. Direct Routing alleviates the need to manage on-premises PBX equipment across offices and multiple locations.


MS Teams Direct Routingdelivers a consistent employee experience and maintains a more productive and integrated work environment. Employees can access collaboration tools, from video conferencing and file sharing, from the same platform as external phone calls.


A centralized telephony solution is easier for IT teams to control, monitor, troubleshoot, reroute calls, and better manage capacity. Businesses can have peace of mind that their communications will continue working as expected.

Cost Reduction

Moving to the cloud frees up time and resources for organizations while removing expensive and complicated onsite telephone hardware. Direct Routing consolidates carriers into a single global plan to help the bottom line.

Who Should Use MS Teams Direct Routing?

Direct Routing enables organizations wanting to use MS Teams as their phone system and enhance their MS Teams capabilities. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from direct routing, including organizations that:

  • Lack of or limited IT personnel and expertise onsite.
  • Demand flexibility.
  • Require enhanced voice quality.
  • Desire cost savings by removing upfront and ongoing fees.
  • Require a true unified communications solution to combine internal and external communications into one tightly knit.

Direct Routing is the solution to save your business expensive fees while providing expertise and reliability with third-party integration. MS Teams Direct Routing empowers your business to become more productive and efficient. Teams are able to collaborate easier with a more simpler, transparent, and secure process.

Why Peerless Network vs. Microsoft Direct?

  • All traditional phone features included, plus:
  • Geo Redundancy
  • Porting support
  • Seamless implementation
  • US Based 24/7/365 Tier 1 NOC support

Benefits of Working with Peerless Network

  • Peerless Network owns and operates a Nationwide Voice Network.
  • Our Peerless Portal offers fully automated and seamless SIP trunk management.
  • Peerless does not require a trunk for every license.
  • Peerless provides a complete solution, including the SBC.
  • Peerless does not charge for inbound usage.

Setting up Direct Routing

With Peerless, the setup for MS Teams Direct Routing is swift and simple. A direct routing system for MS Teams can be integrated into your business’ existing phone systems, including emergency calling points.

The Peerless Network team of experts will be there every step of the way for your business. From planning to implementing and Peerless Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, lean on us so you can focus on your business.

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