A Better, More Competitive Alternative
to Traditional Local Routing

Peerless Network is known for our success making carrier-to-carrier interconnections simple, fast and cost-effective. And with network service now in 200+ LATAs it is even easier to directly connect with Peerless for Local Transit and Tandem services.

The quality and efficiency delivered with our Local Transit service is why most major US carriers continue to rely on us, including leading CLEC, Cable and Wireless providers. And with each new connection, our Local Transit service becomes even that much more valuable—and essential.

Better Connection, Direct Connection:

When you directly connect to Peerless, you directly connect to a roster of over 4,500 carrier interconnections. Through direct connections with Peerless, you are able to by-pass the incumbent Local Exchange provider and link directly into superior service and market-driven rates.

Both TDM and SIP interfaces
Superior network redundancy

4,500 end-office connections

Local Transit Call Flow:

Flexible and Far-Reaching Network:

Peerless Network is platform-friendly and built to accommodate both IP and TDM traffic seamlessly. Through continuous expansion, Peerless is now available in over 200+ LATAs … and counting.

Interexchange of billions of minutes

Service to over 95% of US population

Cost Competitive:

One of the main reasons we founded Peerless Network was to spur competition, so to say that we offer competitive rates is simply redundant. In fact, Peerless offers extremely competitive rates for our services and covers transport costs when your interconnections travel to Peerless and on to an interconnected provider.

Transport provided by Peerless
Saving on each call
Reduced dependency on ILEC tandem

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