A Determined Goal to Deliver Calls & Competition into All Telecom Markets

Who We Are

Peerless Network is a disruptor in the telecom space, an aggressive innovator dedicated to helping customers achieve better bottom-line results while significantly increasing overall quality.
We offer:

  • High-quality alternatives to traditional services
  • Innovative services that speed-time-to-revenue
  • A reliable network that scales efficiencies and lowers costs
Why We Founded Peerless:

There was a time when the telecommunications industry didn’t provide many options; limitations were placed on how calls where carried and numerous restrictions determined how networks were linked.

In creating Peerless Network in 2008, we sought to change this and did so by building a state-of-the-art network based on a few fundamental principles:

  • The interconnection process should be simple, less expensive and more efficient
  • Networks should allow all interconnections regardless of carrier type, call jurisdiction or network architecture
  • Open and full competition between carrier types can maximize customer savings, lower unit costs and significantly improve services provided
How We Did It:

Peerless Network’s growth and success is due in no small part to a well-executed strategic plan, one that focuses on a deep understanding of telecom markets and dedication to customer service. Having an innovative approach to tandem networks didn’t hurt either.

An Innovative Network:
We started by building one of the largest interconnected networks in the country. Strong on its own, the Peerless network is immeasurably strengthened by interconnections with carriers throughout the US. The Peerless network is also signal-agnostic, built to handle both legacy TDM and IP traffic via a process that maintains high quality performance across signal protocols. And our network accepts call origination and termination for all traffic types, including local, intra-LATA toll, switched access, intra-MTA calling and more.

Our concept seems to have worked, as high demand continues to drive Peerless expansion.

A Robust Product Suite:
Our commitment to our customers is apparent in our full line-up of services. From MVNOs to IXCs to the nation’s largest CLECs, Peerless offers a unique solution for each carrier type, and a robust line-up of individual offerings.

Strong Financial Backing:
Fully funded through private equity investments, Peerless Network has been EBITDA positive since 4Q09, a feat not many start-ups can claim. These investments allow Peerless to achieve significant growth in terms of both network expansion and revenue generation, but to also expansion of business operations. We added market locations, new service offerings and Data Centers, and in 2013 acquired the Voice Peering business of Intelepeer.

We plan to continue this robust growth.

How This Benefits Our Industry and Our Customers:

The concept behind Peerless’ strategy is simple—make interconnections easy for all carrier types and for all types of traffic and in so doing, amplify the “Network Effect” to deliver increased value to all of our customers.
This value is seen in:

  • Improved quality of service
  • Constant introduction of innovative new services
  • Extension of network footprint
  • Reduced service costs
  • Increased installation speeds

This “one-for-all” approach has served both our customers and our industry well by encouraging and facilitating new market entry and lowering rates within the market.

Become a part of the Peerless “Network Effect” and enjoy exponential benefits too.

We’d love to tell you how.