What Is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX (Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange) is typically a virtual system that’s engineered fully within the cloud that answers and sends all calls to the right department via an internet connection. With a cloud-based solution, your business communication system will operate without the burden of on-premise equipment, while staying systematically and dependably connected.

Cloud-based VoIP systems are gaining popularity because they provide unified communications without bulky hardware and complex installation. These systems cost less and have a degree of flexibility that cannot be matched by many alternative VoIP and traditional communications solutions. Modern virtual PBX solutions are reliable and supply a stable business phone system via the internet.

Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-based PBX Solution

Business phone systems have come a long way from relying on manual switchboards to utilizing the internet for calls. We’ve also seen phone systems such as cloud PBX and VoIP become faster and more intelligent. Companies are leveraging this virtual technology to further optimize and streamline their communication efforts.

Companies of all sizes are investing more in their communication systems to remain competitive. Despite the popularity of social media, email, and self-service help centers, phone calls still remain an integral part of customer service. Customers expect hands-on experiences from the companies they do business with.

This virtual phone system is secure, convenient, and reliable, making it ideal for businesses.

Modern SMBs and large corporations are moving to networked communications because they are more agile and more versatile when it comes time to collaborate and seek out new business. These solutions are very low maintenance and can integrate with other cloud-based tools.


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    Here are more compelling reasons to consider a Virtual PBX or Cloud PBX:

    • Businesses that utilize Unified Communications solutions save an average of 191 hours daily and 49,660 hours yearly. (digium)
    • 84% of IT managers report that mobility is very important. Thus, mobility is one of the factors for boosted PBX growth. (Eastern Management Group)
    • Cloud-based contact centers reduced their IT personnel costs by 15%. (TeleTech)
    • There is a 30% reduction in expenses related to conferencing tools. (Ziff Davis)
    • Unified communications can lead to 50,000 hours in saved time resulting in higher productivity and efficiency. (Ziff Davis)

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    The Peerless Network Cloud PBX Solution for Your Business

    No matter the size of your business, the Peerless Network Cloud PBX gives you seamless, secure, and instant collaboration with teams and customers with our cost-effective and simple-to-deploy solution. What makes Peerless Network unique is that we own and operate our own reliable network – ensuring your voice quality is never compromised.

    Peerless Network’s Cloud PBX enables extension dialing for your team anywhere in the world. Our virtual extensions allow you to take control of your business, not rely on costly equipment or call centers, and give you peace of mind that you’ll never miss that important business call – no matter where you are.

    Infobip logo

    Peerless is now part of the Infobip family! Customers that choose Cloud PBX from Peerless can now easily enjoy solutions from Infobip, including messaging services and “Answers,” an intelligent chatbot service.

    Now Available: Key System Emulation for Cloud PBX

    Businesses have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to  align themselves with technologies best suited for the modern hybrid workplace. A key component of these migration efforts is the transition from traditional on-premise phone systems to cloud-based platforms. 

    Moving your phone system into the cloud delivers the latest in phone system capabilities, such as simplifying the support for remote workers and eliminating many of the risks and high maintenance costs associated with legacy systems. But much to the dismay of some businesses, these modern systems come at the expense of one of the most popular features that legacy phone systems were best able to provide: Shared Line Appearances. 

    Cloud-based phone systems have made many attempts to overcome this limitation with Key System Emulation features that have mostly come up short.  

    Introducing the Snom M-KLE Series DECT Solution 

    Finally, there is a simple and elegant solution for those businesses that want the advantages of modern cloud-based systems while maintaining the simplicity and familiarity of legacy key systems. The Snom  M-KLE Series offers a Key Line Emulation mode that takes matters into its own hands and delivers a shared line appearance experience that elegantly closes that technology gap. 

    Peerless Network Cloud PBX Benefits

    • Quick and Inexpensive Set-Up: Activate our Cloud PBX in minutes with no complicated or expensive equipment.
    • Easy Integration: It’s easier to integrate analog phones with a PBX if it’s local instead of hosted remotely. Businesses can simply connect all communications channels into a single system.
    • Scalable: No need to rely on physical hardware. With Cloud PBX, you can remove your traditional on-premise phone systems and add and remove users as needed.
    • Flexible: Regardless of your business size, Cloud PBX allows you to customize your phone systems to your needs. 
    • Reliable: Cloud PBX keeps you connected. With little downtime and the opportunity to route calls elsewhere, it quickly becomes the solution for ensuring remote employees and customers can reach you regardless of potential crashes from natural disasters. 
    • Call Center Features: Cloud contact center solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an active internet connection. This is an ideal solution with multiple geographic locations and employees working remotely. Making the switch can significantly lower overheads and increase scalability, since no physical infrastructure is needed.
    • Mobile-Friendly: The hosted PBX works with your existing internet connection, and even desk phones are optional. A business can choose from IP phones, softphones, and mobile devices. A mobile app installed on a user’s mobile phone enables them to connect to the cloud phone system.
    • Unified communications: Our cloud-based business communication service combines the cost-savings of Hosted Voice with the productivity of Unified Communications (UC or UCaaS).
    • HIPAA/HITECH compliance: A secure business phone system protects your healthcare business from penalties and criminal prosecution.
    • No need for physical hardware: The Peerless Cloud PBX is a phone system through remote internet servers instead of requiring expensive hardware to be installed in your office, unlike traditional phone systems. Without physical hardware, it’s easier to scale by adding new extensions and business lines quickly, which is especially helpful for remote workers.


    Peerless Network Cloud PBX Features

    • Easy to use – plug and play application
    • Voicemail to email
    • Call forwarding
    • IVR/Digital receptionist
    • Ring groups
    • Call queues
    • HIPAA-compliant faxing
    • Desktop and Mobile apps

    Simple-to-Deploy, No Hassle, Cost-Effective

    An integrated cloud phone system caters to remote workers and BYOD policies quickly and easily. By switching to a cloud system, your company can enjoy easily adaptable staffing by allowing multiple phone lines to be added with no maintenance or technical staff necessary. Employees enjoy greater flexibility and mobility by having a business phone and number they can take anywhere, and IT professionals gain complete management visibility and control over the phone services of remote workers. All-inclusive billing eliminates separate landline charges, while having a VoIP service reduces the cost of long-distance calls.

    As remote working continues to grow, Cloud PBX offers the simplicity your business needs in order to match the pace and ever-changing landscape of work environments.

    Simply access Cloud PBX via the Cloud Dial Mobile App or the Cloud Dial Desktop App to make and receive calls and texts from a smartphone or computer.

    Here’s how it works:
    • Just order a phone on the Peerless website, get it sent overnight and connect the phone to your router – that’s it. Employees can be sent pre-provisioned phones and begin working from home in less than 24 hours.
    • Make and receive calls and texts with an extension phone number anywhere in the world from your smartphone or computer.
    • The Peerless smartphone and desktop apps are a convenient way to manage all your work calls and messaging in one place.

    Access our full suite of features, including a digital receptionist, for superior customer service and support.

    Multiple Offices to Remote Workers

    From offices with multiple locations to remote workers, the Peerless Network Cloud PBX can enhance your day-to-day operations by:
    • Eliminating multiple phone systems that are costly and difficult to manage and maintain.
    • Easily and accurately transfer calls between locations to avoid missed calls and missed revenue.
    • Team stays connected, regardless of where they’re working.
    • Saving time and money by communicating better and operating more efficiently.
    • Avoid moving staff between locations, simply move calls to a different or remote location.

    The PBX environment is critical to an organization’s internal and external communications. Switching to a Cloud PBX involves comprehensive planning, technology and people who know how to customize solutions for your specific needs.

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