CHICAGO, Illinois, March 22, 2016 − Peerless Network, an innovator and leader in voice
technologies since 2008, announced today receipt of US Patent No. 9,264,944 for its
advanced IP-to-IP soft handoff technology, allowing seamless connection between WiFi
and cellular networks.

“It’s a win-win-win for everyone,” said John Barnicle, CEO of Peerless Network. “Using
Peerless Network’s WiFi First Wireless Solution customers are now able to move
effortlessly between WiFi and cellular networks, resulting in better qualityand
potentially in lower costs. And end-user customers definitely benefit with improved call
reception and expanded coverage,” Barnicle said.

With receipt of this new patent, Peerless becomes one of the only providers in the
industry able to offer a seamless handoff which allows a mobile call to now travel
smoothly between networks, regardless of whether that handoff is WiFi-to-cellular,
cellular-to-WiFi or WiFi-to-WiFi. These inter-network transfers happen frequently as
providers seek to extend service to users who require coverage about town (cellular), or
at their home or office (where Wi-Fi often provides the best service).

“In a world where the majority of mobile traffic travels via WiFi, it’s imperative that we
provide customers the flexibility to move between networks while maintaining call
integrity. Our IP-to-IP soft handoff mechanism delivers this flexibility, and a superior
experience to all users of our solutions,” said Jim Brewer, VP of Voice Services for
Peerless Network.

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