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Accelerate Your Business as a Channel Partner

Why Peerless Network?

When you partner with Peerless Network, you’re working with a company dedicated to your success while providing the highest level of service to your valued customers.We believe in supporting our channel partners to make your business, and your customers’ business, scalable, efficient and improve the bottom line.

With best-in-class cloud communications products and services, boost your business with a company that can get you there.
Team up with the Channel Partner Program everyone wants to join.
The Peerless Network Channel Partner Program is simple.You sell our robust portfolio of VoIP and business communication voice services to your customer network, then let us take care of the rest. Enjoy the best-in-market commissions that our agents rave about.

Our white glove partner relationship management and customer support guide your customers through the simple-to-deploy services to alleviate the headache and hassle.

Top Channel Partner Benefits 

with Peerless Network


Best-in-market agent commissions

Earn 50%+ residual commission on every SIP Trunking and UCaaS deal with Peerless Network
Greater visibility with real-time customer stats
Control your business and maximize your commissions with custom markups on products and services
Quick and easy implementation of products and services
Generate agent commissions sooner
Eliminate calls and hassles from customers with our self-provisioning Peerless Portal
Leverage the highest quality of voice services with Peerless Network’s owned and operated network with direct connections to almost all VoIP, Mobile, Cable, Long Distance and International service providers
Cutting-edge tools and products that have been proven in the marketplace for more than a decade and counting
Easy access to the dedicated Peerless team for strategy and unrivaled customer and technical support
Newly ordered services are added directly back to the respective agents’ accounts

Peerless Portal for Channel Partners

Provision your customers from anywhere.
The Peerless Portal is a fully automated, online, and self-provisioning platform for channel partners and their customers to easily purchase and manage SIP trunking channels, telephone numbers, local and domestic/international long distance, toll-free services and call termination for multiple locations.

All products and services can be set up directly on customers’ premises and on mobile devices. The Peerless Portal provides high-voice quality services by utilizing Peerless Network’s owned and operated redundant and reliable backbone network.

With simplicity, autonomy and real-time visibility, the Peerless Portal is your key to channel partner success.

Here’s a look at what you’ll experience:

  • Easily order telephone numbers and SIP trunking channels for multiple locations
  • Avoid time and hassle spent on the phone placing orders and managing your services with easy to reach sales reps
  • Easily manage telephone numbers, services, routing, configuration and inventory for multiple locations via one advanced system
  • Full visibility to real-time stats, resulting in increased time-to-revenue speed
    Real-time billing to check and export MOUs (minutes of use), active calls, monthly calls connected, call delivery records and more
  • And so much more!

Download the Peerless Portal brochure

Maximize Commissions with Peerless Maximizer

Control your commissions.
The Peerless Maximizer facilitates channel partners to set their own pricing and maximize commissions. The portal tool enables agents to earn 50%+ residual commission on every SIP Trunking and UCaaS deal with Peerless Network.

The Peerless Maximizer enables agents to build unique pricing profiles for customers and prospects. Channel partners are able to set their own percentage markups or custom line-item pricing for Peerless products, such as Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, DID, Toll-free and CPE Lease MRCs, which are easily calculated in the portal.

SIP Trunking with Peerless Network

Peerless Network eliminates the days and hassle of trying to transition traditional business phone systems into the cloud with SIP Trunking. Our advanced account management tools (The Peerless Portal) enable you to scale your customers’ business and easily make the switch to SIP trunking.

With the Peerless Portal,customers can easily purchase and manage SIP Trunking channels onsite and via mobile devices. Contact us to learn more about Peerless Network SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking with Peerless Network is fast and flexible; reliable and secure; and cost-effective.

  • Fully automated SIP Channeling and Telephone Number ordering
  • Real-time activation of Telephone Numbers and SIP Channels
  • Multisite and remote office connectivity
  • Failsafe Routing ensures you will never miss a call
  • Certification w/ most major systems, including Microsoft Teams, Avaya, Cisco and more
  • SIP Trunks delivered on Peerless Network’s owned and operated redundant network
  • Lower your monthly bills
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • No additional charge for inbound calls; only pay for the calls you make
  • Real-time visibility of usage and call detail
  • Add and remove SIP channels according to your business demands

Download the Peerless Network SIP Trunking brochure

Peerless Direct Routing for MS Teams

Peerless Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is a seamless and native connection between Peerless Network’s SIP trunks to Microsoft Teams, which turns MS Teams into an office phone system with PBX integration capabilities. This enables global organizations and work-from-anywhere settings to simply and affordably scale leveraging an MS environment. Click here to learn more about Peerless Direct Routing for MS Teams.

Features and Benefits:

  • All features included, such as Geo Redundancy
  • Porting support
  • Seamless implementation
  • U.S.Based 24/7/365 Tier 1 NOC support
  • High-quality voice network over the Peerless Network owned and operated Nationwide Voice Network.
  • The Peerless Portal offers fully automated and seamless SIP trunk management
  • Peerless does not require a trunk for every license
  • Peerless provides a complete solution, including the SBC
  • Peerless does not charge for inbound usage

Download Peerless Direct Routing for MS Teams brochure

Cloud PBX (UCaaS)

Peerless Network Cloud PBX provides seamless, secure, and instant collaboration with employees and customers with our cost-effective and simple-to-deploy business phone solution.

With the Peerless Network Cloud PBX, enjoy the flexibility of extension dialing for your team anywhere in the world.

The Peerless Cloud PBX enables customers to access PBX capabilities without the need for complicated and expensive equipment. This network runs on Peerless’ own reliable network infrastructure and technologies, offsetting third-party costs and providing the most competitive market rates in the industry.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Cloud PBX:

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Easy set up and self-provisioning with the Peerless Portal
  • Easily customizable for business operations big or small
  • Real-time number management
  • API integration
  • Vast inventory of nationwide DIDs
  • And more!

Download the Peerless Network Cloud PBX brochure

White Label Cloud PBX (UCaaS)

The Peerless Network UCaaS private label selling program is designed for enhanced service providers to manage their business from quote to compensation via the fully automated Peerless Portal. This platform allows you to easily support the urgent need of an increasingly decentralized workforce.Click here to read more about the Peerless Network White Label Cloud PBX. Contact us to get started as a reseller.

With our White Label Cloud PBX, you’ll experience:

  • Easy number management
  • Easy-to-build proposals to better manage your sales pipeline
  • Enhanced Cloud PBX services with state of the art features like digital receptionist, customizable voicemail, call queues and more
  • Redundant infrastructure available for Customers/End Users with multiple locations
  • And more!

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