Affordable Voice Termination – Done Your Way



Viewed by many as the industry-standard for wholesale voice termination, Peerless’ Long Distance Termination truly is best-in-class. Reach comes from the extensive footprint of our all-IP network, a footprint that spans the US and can accommodate customized international locations. Range is derived from the choice of routing options, call types and signaling protocols allowed. And Peerless Rates are, as always, competitive and market-driven.

Long Distance Termination Call Flow:

The features and benefits of Peerless LD Termination include:

Flexible and Customizable Solution:

Peerless LD Term is completely customizable whatever your particular requirements. From connection types to routing options, we’ve just the perfect solution for you.

  • TDM or Dedicated or Public SIP
  • SIP streamlined interconnections
  • Routing based on NPA-NXX, LRN, LATA/OCN or ENUM
Aggressive Pricing:

As with all of our services, Peerless offers service options and rates that fit any budget and strategy.

  • Based on LRN
  • M-FGD, Preferred and Standard Pricing Options
National and International Footprint:

A footprint that stretches throughout the US, into Canada and on to select international destinations:

  • Domestic and International Locations
  • A Network that spans 3,200 Carrier interconnections