Competitive, Complete and Cost-Friendly 1+ and 800 Calling


LD Termination

An extension of our end office and tandem switching capabilities, Peerless provides Switched Access Service to both regulated carriers and IXCs. One of our core offerings, Switched Access from Peerless provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional access services, and one that also provides revenue potential.

Switched Access Call Flow:

Benefits include:


Peerless is all about making Switched Access a competitive advantage to our carrier customers, and we do so with aggressive rates, and features that allow carriers to collect full revenue potential.

  • Provides IXCs with a more competitive rate than available from the ILEC or other alternative tandem providers
  • Allows CLECs to bill and collect end-office fees
  • Provides an integrated CABs platform, and our patented mediation process to decrease phantom billing (which can account for up to 5-10% of all traffic)
Sweeping Service:

As with all our services, Switched Access service is provided for all LD call types, and all call signaling types.

  • Peerless switched access handles all long distance call types (both inbound and outbound LD and Toll-Free)
  • Accepts all signal systems – SIP or TDM
Complete Interconnection:

The Peerless Network derives its strength in several ways, through complete redundancy via ILEC connections and through a web of powerful interconnects with leading carriers, providing reliability and cost-efficiency to you.

  • Peerless has a strong network built on an extensive platform of interconnected carriers
  • Full redundancy across markets served