Company Overview

From its beginning, Peerless Network was founded on a number of important principles:  (i) the current interconnection process should be simpler, less expensive, and more efficient; (ii) interconnections should not be restricted based on carrier type, call jurisdiction, or network architecture; and (iii) only a company dedicated to open and full competition can maximize customer savings, lower unit costs and improve customer service.

To that end, Peerless Network has built one of the largest interconnection networks in the country, enabling wireless carriers, competitive and incumbent local exchange carriers, cable companies, enhanced service providers and enterprises to connect with each other regardless of how (SIP or TDM), where (centralized or decentralized) and who they need to interconnect.

Originally founded in 2008 by industry veterans who had previously experienced the frustrations of having too few interconnection options, Peerless Network has achieved a number of significant operational and financial milestones including:

  • Built an all IP network with points of presence in Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, St Louis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Camden, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Cleveland, Columbus, Connecticut, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Orlando, San Diego, Tampa, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver and Seattle.
  • Announced additional expansion to Las Vegas, Charlotte, Portland and Nashville in 2011.
  • Established a diverse and redundant nationwide 10Gbps transport network supporting subsecond failover at all layers.
  • Fully funded through private equity investments.
  • EBITDA positive since 4Q09.
  • Successfully defended itself against litigation initiated by Neutral Tandem, Inc. regarding their patent (No. 7,123,708) which has since been found to be invalid by both the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As a result, Peerless Network is now connected to nearly every major domestic carrier offering call origination and termination services in over 100 LATA’s (Local Access Transport Areas) and 30 MTA’s (Major Trading Areas).

Connections Made Easy

Peerless Network’s commitment to simplifying the interconnection process begins with removing many of the barriers associated with connecting to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN); and our technology and carrier-agnostic approach to interconnection services enables us to offer:

  • SIP and TDM protocols
  • LERG, ENUM, LCR, and LRN routing options
  • Call origination and termination for all traffic types (including but not limited to local, intraLATA toll, switched access and intraMTA calling)
  • Jurisdictional integrity of calls using LCADS (Local Calling Area Data Source) to eliminate phantom traffic
  • Open and non-restrictive contracts that provide maximum flexibility and savings

Together, these attributes allow our customers to take advantage of Peerless Network’s superior network performance, carrier-grade availability and unparalleled financial benefits.